Modracing Slums

Modracing in the Ringdome, in the moon of Tisca IV.

Modracing is the sport involving racing with combat ships modified for racing, also known as modracers. It appeared as an evolution of automobile racing in the 133th century, although its exact origins are not clear.

While it retains some rules from automobile racing, new sets of rules and categories were set due to the modracers being able to retain their combat capabilities while hovering on the ground.

Despite being a very dangerous sport, it quickly became the most popular sport within the Confederacy of Humanity, and it spread within other intergalactic empires.


Depending on the types of engines and thrusters used, races with modracers can be in four main categories.

These categories are often divided in subcategories regarding the mass of the modracers in heavy-weight, mid-weight and light-weight subcategories.

Aeropropellant racing

The standard and most popular type of racing, it uses thrusters that can easily burn while there's an atmosphere present. Modracers hover over the ground by using anti-gravity generators.

Hydropropellant racing

Hydropropellant racing is practiced by modracers that have engines and thrusters capable of running while submerged on any resistant liquid, like water. They are generally slower and often stick to superconductor tracks while underwater to stay on course.

Amphibious racing

Some modracers feature both types of engines and thrusters, but due to the weight of the hydro thrusters, they don't reach the speeds as those in aeropropellant and hydropropellant racing. Because of this, amphibious racing is often considered more combat-oriented than the other variants.

Vacuum racing

In this type of modracing, the original combat ships usually retain their thrusters and engines, although tuned to work optimally in the vacuum of space, while sacrificing the ability to use them in a pressured environment. Most modracers are also fitted with gravity generators to stay on course and be able to properly steer.


The Universal Modracing Organization is the main association of modracing in the Confederacy, hosting different tournaments across the universe.

Other minor competitions occur on many places across the Confederacy.

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