Mol (RS 1186-3165-8-4042870-499 4 in is a D-Class Super Earth located in the Andromeda

Galaxy, 2.55 million light years away from Earth. It is a warm planet that, despite a thin atmosphere, hosts an abundance of bacterial organisms. Mol hosts an intelligent race named after their planet, who formed an alliance with the Confederacy of Humanity in 9933 CE. However, the species did not originate on the planet. This biological mystery is under investigation by both Humanity and The Mol.

Mol is the fourth planet in the Caixo system. It is about 2.5 billion years old and has 3 moons.


Mol is classified as a Super-Earth because of its large mass and radius. It has about 1.57 times Earth's radius and 5.5 times its mass. This gives Mol a density of about 12.3 grams per cubic centimeter and over 2.2 times the gravitational pull of Earth.

Mol is a D-Class planet, meaning it is a desert world like Mars. What makes Mol and Mars different is their sizes and life forms. However, they both have similarly thin atmospheres, large ice caps, and prominent impact basins that can cover over 10% of their surfaces.


Mol's host star is an M-Dwarf named Caixo at a distance of 0.125 AU. This is slightly outside of the system's habitable zone, but the hardy bacteria that first evolved on Mol were able to spread life over the entire planet.

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