The Molkor are the iInhabitants of Hathia and The Diunity of Fornax.


The Molkor are a large reptile-like species. They are bipedal, much like humans. Many describe them as Lizard Men as the resemblance is striking. However, they have no tail. Their feet are quite long, however, their leg attaches to them at the middle of the foot instead of the end. They are warm-blooded unlike lizards.

While the Molkor used to have limited camouflage abilities, they have since lost this ability, as it is completely useless in an advanced civilizations.


The Molkor first appeared on Hathia in about 450,000 BCE on one of the larger northern continents. They quickly began to spread over their world. They were a violent carnivorous species, hunting many species to extinction for food and for sport. Fortunately for them, they began to realize this and held back every few years to let the local populations of animals repopulate, but then went right back to hunting once there were enough.

In 12 CE, they began to head off their world. Their first mission was to their moon of Motu. Their next mission was to their sister world of Dasezt. There they discovered the peaceful Snadx, and saw that the universe was full of life, they debated whether or not to hunt these species, but it was deemed a fruitless endeavor as there biology was not compatible with the Molkor.

As the Molkor spread over their local area of space, they began to colonize many nearby worlds and also subdued many primitive alien races and used them as their labor force. Some were even driven to near extinction before those that remained submitted to Molkor rule. In 5492 the fledgling Molkor’ghro, loosely translated the Molkor Empire, was formed. They quickly spread across their small dwarf galaxy, but their civilization split in two. For over 5000 years, they remained separate entities until they united to form the Diunity of Fornax.

During this time the Molkor in Fornax continued to expand and developed faster and better means to terraform planets, as the Mokor were running out of room.

The Milky Way invasion force arrived in 9842 near a Confederate research outpost near the edge of galactic space. The outpost was destroyed and the planet became the headquarters for the Molkor side of the Milky Way invasion effort.

The war lasted over one hundred years with the Molkor invasion forces taking many Confederate outposts and reverse engineering the more advanced human technology to suit their own purpose. When they captured a small branch of the Alexandrian Network they were shocked to discover that this race of mammals had somehow managed to build a vast intergalactic community. They discovered the location of Earth and using their faster Warp Drives launched an attack on Earth. However, like the Core Worlds Alliance attack centuries before, it was thwarted and the invasion force was taken prisoner.

Thankfully, one of those taken prisoner was a rebel who had managed to sneak aboard the invasion force fleet in order to thwart their intentions. This turned the tide of the war. The Molkor homeworld of Hathia was discovered thanks to the rebel Molkor and was was invaded by humans who were using a more advanced form of FTL known as the Wormhole Drive. The shocked the Molkor and they immediately surrendered when the Confederate forces displayed their superior firepower.

After the Second Galactic War, the Molkor have become full-fledged members of the Confederacy.


Up until the end of the Second Galactic War, the Molkor culture was based on the conquering of all. The Molkor forced their environment to serve them instead of living in harmony with nature. The Molkor culture was made up of natural hunters as the Molkor were at the top of the food chain. They enacted this belief on other worlds they conquered and enslaved, hunting the alien animals to near extinction..

After the war, however, the rebel leaders who helped the Confederacy take down the Molkor’ghro, the culture has undergone a vast change. The Molkor have begun to dedicate their race to more peaceful endeavors and expansion within their galaxy.

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