Mongo is a temperate E-Class planet located within the Thulcandran Federation.


Mongo was formed over two billion years ago from the planetary dust of its parent star Mongo Prime. Like most planets, a core was initially formed and the gravity from that core formed the proto-planet until eventually it formed to its current size. Many of the asteroids that collided with the planet during its formation were full of ice water which formed the first oceans.

Around 240 million years ago, life began to form within the planetary oceans, a single-celled organism known as magna pyramide, or big cone in Latin. This was named due to its conic shape. While completely harmless to Humans, the magna pyramide life form is known to be deadly to the Kya.

When Humans from the Thulcandran Federation were first setting out to explore the space set aside for them, a group of colonists on board the survey vessel Flash Gordon discovered this planet in 3306. A petition to the Federation Colonization Bureau (an offshoot of the Planetary Colonization Bureau set specifically within the Federation) was made a month later and after a six year study of the native animal life a commission was formed to begin terraforming procedures on the planet.

The colonists, known as Mongosians, landed on the smaller northern continent and built Mingo City. The people then elected a king, although they used the moniker "Ming" to refer to the leader in a reference to Ming the Merciless from the original comic books.

Over the next few hundred years the colonists and their descendants continued spreading across the land, finding the perfect climates for their bodies. The planet by this time had settled into its new equilibrium.

In 3712 a material was found in some of the mountain ranges that could be used to develop destructive weapons. The material was called zerilium and, as no one could replicate the material at the time, Mongo grew to become one of the richest planet's in the sector. However in 4012 a way was found to replicate zerilium and as such many of the mines were abandoned.


Mongo is host to a diverse and almost all genetically engineered ecosystem that was designed to match the new environment. In most ways, Mongo is like Earth save for the cooler temperature and lighter gravity.


Mongo has a population of just under one billion, making it a rarity in all of settled Human space. The population are all related to Humans but due to the genetic engineering they've slightly evolved beyond their initial design.


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