Monte Traxis, occasionally known as Monte-Traxis or Montetraxis, is a temperate terra planet in the Zethur A binary system.


The Ycowth, who evolved on Monte Traxis, became a powerful civilization in the year 332. They had powerful technology and could travel in space. The Ycowth explored their star system, and by the year 502, had developed spacecraft able to travel longer distances. They discovered nearby systems such as the Xaridge system and Archas Major.

In the year 643, scientists on Monte Traxis genetically engineered a new type of Ycowth. However, the experiment went slightly wrong and the new Ycowth were unable to live on Monte Traxis. Instead, they had to live in a very cold environment to survive. The Ycowth, not wanting to kill the new species, looked around for a planet to settle them on. They decided on Archer in the Archas Major system. The new species had no memories of being created by the Ycowth and believed themselves to be their own species with years of history and culture.

In the year 2332, the Ycowth 'discovered' the Archas and formed an interplanetary alliance with them, that lasted 300 years before the Archas rebelled and cut contact with the Ycowth.

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