"Hi. If you can hear this, I'm not dead. Hehe! This is a 'live' broadcast, after all. I, Moonmoon, come as your savior. Many will see me as a threat, and I come today to say that the real danger is within your own minds. Remember your form. You are not the anatomically terrifying amalgam of human and animal you think you are. You are all just humans, as am I. Your self-identifrickation is despicable. The only hell is the one we live in here and now. Follow me, and we can make this world a heaven of our own. Hail Silverstar!" -Moonmoon, 2100


Moonmoon is a powerful person. He hides his identity well. His birthdate, contrary to his ancient Egyptian theme, is somewhere in the early 2000s CE. His true name is not known, but he insists that it is Moonmoon. His first broadcast was on May 4, 2100. He has several tattoos on his body and face. His tattoo on his upper right arm is of two crescent moons, possibly referring to his name. On his left arm, there is a tattoo of the Cult's insignia. Under his left eye is a tattoo of the Eye of Horus, which leads most researchers to believe him a masochist. Eye tattoos are incredibly painful, but when government officials attempt to inquire about the process, his response is always, "A few days are nothing in the face of eternity". His eyes themselves are a thing to marvel at.
Moonmoon eye

A close-up of Moonmoon's left eye.

 How he obtained the gradient of the sclera is a mystery, but many assume it was also painful. His hair is blue, which is unnatural for a human of his birth year. However, so is his immortality, so speculation is open.


Moonmoon is ageless. period. His body remains the same throughout all of his broadcasts. His mind, however, has deteriorated as one would expect from a person whose loved ones die around them constantly. This is evidence that he is actually human. However, internet history databases tell a terrifying story. Moonmoon existed on the internet before his broadcasts. His first appearance was on broadband radio in early 2028. Everything that was done there has carried over into his current form. After all of these clues, we have a few theories on who and what Moonmoon is.

  1. Sentient AI that was formed by the Cult of Silverstar to speak as their leader. Possibly became more humanlike and watched dear friends die.
  2. The body is cybernetic, but consciousness is human and was uploaded. Identity could be any actor or perhaps even the creator of the original Moonmoon persona.
  3. The Creator of Moonmoon persona adopted the identity and evades age with some unknown technology.
  4. Actually ageless due to an anomaly (least likely)*
    *found to be the actual case in 192887 CE

Other Anomalies

  • Aesthetic Compulsion -  Approximately 2.29% of people, no matter species or personally identifying traits, find him supernaturally attractive. Oftentimes, this confuses the afflicted entity. Afflicted aestheticians and scientists have tried to pin down exactly why this is, but it remains a mystery.
  • Blood - Rather strangely, a team of biologists was sent some blood from him in the early 11000s. The blood was found to match directly with a deceased human born in the early 2000s CE. Though the remains were unable to be tracked down, there are records of an autopsy. Moonmoon claims that this DNA match just shows who his multiversal analog is, which is obviously nonsense. Not only is the notion of multiversal travel implausible, having an exact DNA matched version of oneself is just as unlikely. The blood was also found to have radioactive compounds embedded in it, allowing it to be used as a weak power source. How this radioactivity in his own blood has not killed him evades our sources.


-Preexisting insanity

-BHIP (Confirmed as of 9968)

-Incredibly fast mathematical calculations

Some BHIP-induced powers observed:

  • Telekinesis
  • Levitation
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Telepathy (Only witness reports)
  • Psychic barriers

Ability strength level: Very high



On April 5th, 200000 CE, Moonmoon disappeared from the universe. The Cult remains active, but have a new leader that goes by the alias of Sollun. Why he left is unknown, or how, but the Cult calls it "the call of Silver" that took their original leader away. They have been laxer in policies and actions since then.

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