Mortem is a class-TeLT (temperate lacustrine terra) planet, orbiting the star Etile. Located in the galaxy NGC-5267, 273,790,000 light years away from Earth, it was discovered by a Latin scientist, naming it after the word for "death" after it took almost all of his crew when he crashed. The scientist, C.P. Watson, was unable to report his findings due to a solar storm interference, so the planet remains unknown to everyone besides him and the inhabitants.


D1 - Temperate asteroid

D2 - Temperate asteroid

D3 - Temperate asteroid

D4 - Temperate asteroid

Geography and Climate

Mortem is covered in mainly rolling hills and plains, with mountain ranges in between. Its watery atmosphere results in a fine mist or fog covering the surface, which sometime accumulates in puddles or bogs that dot the plains. Winds can blow through and mix low and high temperature/pressure mists, creating fierce tornadoes and hurricanes that occasionally tear through the wasteland. An interesting thing to note about the planet is the amount of space debris and metal scrap dotting its surface, evidence of a massive space battle.


The planet's atmosphere is 48.9% nitrogen, 29.6% H2O, 21.1% oxygen, 0.297% CO2, with traces of SO2, CO, and noble gasses. The amount of oxygen makes it breathable for humans, but the extreme amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is enough to condense in your lungs and drown you from inside. The creatures of this world have adapted specialized noses for separating water from dry air, along with scaly hydrophobic skin that keeps water out. The increased water in the atmosphere mixes with the trace amounts of sulfur dioxide to create a hyper-diluted sulfuric acid, which doesn't effect life too much, but results in increased weathering of rocks and corrosion of metals.


The planet is currently undergoing a process similar to what Mars experienced billions of years go. Its core froze up, stopping magnetic fields and letting the fierce solar radiation vaporize its atmosphere and oceans. It is likely that the planet will become uninhabitable in 1,228,000 years.


The rolling plains of the world are covered in a grass-like plant, different species ranging from less than a centimeter to over 10 meters. Some areas are more forested than others, but the majority of the surface vegetation is small, limited to bushes and grasses. Animal life ranges from bison-like grazing animals to canine pack-hunters. The main inhabitants of this world, the Srepparcs, are intelligent humanoid beings with dark, scaly skin and large limbs. Fires are incredibly hard to light in the moist atmosphere of Mortem, trapping the Srepparcs in a stone-age limbo. They have gotten around this by using the metal scrap found in the various ruins and debris dotting the surface, fashioning it into a variety of clothing, tools, and building materials. They eat on a diet of scavenged food from wreckage or raw meat from animals, and hunting is a popular sport.


The Srepparcs live on an anarchic scavenger society, with various clans and gangs that roam the grasslands looking for food or scrap. Some have learned to settle down, growing food themselves. The lack of fire is still a major roadblock for them, keeping them from developing any further.

Ship Log

On January 9, 6162 ACE, the human science vessel Entropy is scouting the galaxy NGC-5267 for good colony spots. It is part of a discovery crew of, 600,000 spacecraft that are the first ever to enter the galaxy. The vessel, with 555 people on board, enters the Etile system.

Man 1: "Alright, we've entered the heliosphere of RS 6635-3147-7-2088549-823. Nothing special so far."

Man 2: "What about that rocky planet, right there?"

Man 1: "Just another boring lacustrine. Seem hundreds of them in my time."

Man 2: "But scans detect primitives on its surface."

Man 1: "So? Look, I know its only your 7th day on the job but buddy you gotta learn what planets are special or not. We're not here to abduct cavemen."

Man 3 walks into the bridge.

Man 3: "Uh, cap'n, we've detected a massive debris field in orbit around that rocky planet"

Man 1: "Alright. Send a research shuttle to investigate"

Man 3: "Right on way."

Man 2: "Um, did you see that?"

Man 1: "See what?"

A research shuttle disembarks from the main vessel

Man 2: "Look on the scanner, it says a solar storm is approaching"

Man 1: "Send a turn-back message to the shuttle immediately!"

The vessel rumbles as a solar storm passes over it. Communications and naviagtion systems temporary disabled.

Man 1: "Did it send?!"

Man 2: "N-no, sir."

Man 1: "God... damnit, redirect course towards the shuttle."

Man 4 (C.P. Watson): "Do you know how dangerous that is? To fly straight into a debris cloud? A shit as big as ours cant navigate through it."

Man 1: "Listen. I'm not letting 80 of my men die out there. Without their navigation systems, they'll parish. We need to get them back."

Man 4 (C.P. Watson): "You do understand that our ship's navigation systems are offline too? We're flying into a debris field blind!"

Man 2: "Sir, hes a senior scientist. You should trust hi-

A large peice of scrap rams into the ship at orbital speeds, tearing it in half.

Man 1: "THE HELL WAS THAT?!!!"

Man 2: "Wh-whats going on!!!???"

Man 4 (C.P. Watson): "This is all of your fault! I told you there was something wrong about this system the moment I discovered it!!!"

Man 1: "Be quiet and brace for impact! Everybody!"

The science vessel Entropy crashes in a remote location on the surface of Mortem. Out of the 434 people onboard, 413 of them die immediately or soon after. Meanwhile onboard the research shuttle...

Man 3: "Shit! Did you guys see what happened!

Man 5: "Pull up! Pull up! We gotta get out of this debris field before the same thing happens to us!!"

The small shuttle with 85 people onboard escapes the debris field around Mortem. Its out of fuel, and the communications systems still havent come back online. Trapped 23090 kilometers away from the nearest planet, its batteries slowly drain away as the ship goes dark forever.


The science vessel Entropy was critically damaged by space debris in orbit of the exoplanet Mortem. A solar flare from the star Etile combined with the wreckage created a stressful environment for the ship, causing it to crash into the surface of Mortem, near one of its two large seas. 21 people survived the crash, 10 of them heavily injured. Before the craft contacted the space debris, it ejected one of its research shuttles to investigate. 85 people were onboard that ship, and without communications it eventually ran out of power killing the 85 people onboard. The shuttle now orbits around Etile in a very elliptical orbit in between Marflow and Mortem. Before crashing into the surface of Mortem, Entropy's hull was severed in half by a large piece of wreckage. Before the collision, the ship had 555 personnel on board. After the research shuttle was ejected, 470 people remained onboard. After the collision with the space debris, 36 people died, bringing the ship to 434 people. And then the crash killed 413 of them. Among the 21 surviving crew are:

[Front Section]

-Captain Tyler Redmond (Man 1): Age 38, Male, Survived with minor bruising and cuts.

-Lieutenant Ernie Mann (Man 2): Age 23, Male, Survived with sprained ankle and minor bruising and cuts.

-Mechanic Boyd Milner (Man 3): Age 29, Male, Survived with minor bruising and cuts

-Steering Control Caitlin Thorpe (Man 5): Age 42, Female, Survived with right eye blinded and minor bruising/cuts

-Professor C.P. Watson (Man 4): Age 55, Male, Survived with shattered tibia and minor brusing/cuts

-Scanner Technician Jon Newton: Age 50, Male, Survived with minor bruising/cuts

-Throttle Control Arham Scott: Age 27, Male, Survived with internal bleeding in abdomen and minor bruising/cuts

-Bridge Assistant Arianna Yu: Age 55, Female, Survived with minor bruising/cuts

-Communications Control Rizwan Halliday: Age 19, Female, Survived with 3 broken ribs and minor bruising/cuts

[Back Section]

-Mechanic Shanai Guest: Age 45, Female, Survived with minor bruising/cuts

-Technician Ellie Small: Age 19, Female, Survived with injured spinal cord and minor bruising/cuts

-Chemist Julien Livingston: Age 58, Male, Critical condition

-Head Engineer Orla Salazar: Age 36, Female, Critical condition

-Assistant Engineer Mara Haines: Age 36, Female, Critical condition

-Assistant Engineer Eric Morley: Age 30, Male, Critical Condition

-Biologist Aran Aguirre: Age 18, Male, Critical Condition

-Astronomer Jamel Mattams: Age 35, Male, Critical Condition

-Cosmologist Amy Mack: Age 20, Female, Critical Condition

-Botanist Deacon Redman: Age 56, Male, Critical condition

-Assistant Scientist Benn McNamara: Age 49, Male, Critical condition

-Plumber Jonah Paul: Age 50, Male, Critical Condition

Audio Logs

Audio log recovered from bridge shortly after crash:

Boyd: "Lieutenant, you ok!"

Ernie: "Wh... what happened. Ow, I... think I landed in a weird postion. My leg..."

Boyd: "Shit that looks bad. Cap'n, cap'n! Wake up!"

Tyler: "Huh? Oh... god."

Boyd helps Ernie up as Tyler unbuckles his seatbelt and assesses the bridge.

Caitlan: "Fuck, my eye! I must've... hit it..."

Ernie: "Oh jesus, everyone's dead...!"

Tyler: "Not everyone... I don't know... Wait."

Boyd: "Huh?"

Tyler: "He's gone."

Boyd: "Who?"

Tyler: "Nevermind. Everyone!"

Tyler addresses to the bridge, standing on his command chair.

Tyler: "We need to check inventory and make communications with the Confederacy."

Jon: "How are we gonna do that, all the scanner tech got destroyed in the collision! God if I had stood just a few feet to the right I would've been... would've..."

Arianna: "Hes going into cardiac arrest! Is anyone here trained for CPR!"

Tyler: "Oh god... no! If only that scientist was here, goddammit!"

Ernie: "Arham..! Don't you know? Arham? Hello! Wake up!"

Boyd: "Ernie, you gotta rest your leg!"

Ernie: "But Arham, hes-"

Arham: "GASP!!"

Ernie: "You're alive!"

Arianna: "Oh god, lord have mercy on our souls! Someone! Help!"

Audio log ends as bridge runs out of all emergency power.

Two hours later.

CP: "Is... is this thing still on...?"

CP taps the screen.

CP: "Well... this is it. Day one. The ship... crashed. I should've done something! I just ran away like a coward. Or limped away... my leg is broken, I think. The air here is two wet to breathe, and this respirator is the only thing that's keeping my from drowning from my own breath. The normal atmospheric pressures here could crush you. I am hiding out in some sort of wreckage. I don't know about the others. The bridge is airtight, but there's ought to be a bunch of leaks... Its only a matter of time before the air fills with water vapor and they all drown or get squished to death. This was all my fault, huh? Anyway... I wasn't able to grab any food... I went for the respirator right away because I knew it was the best thing. This wreckage is old. I'm no archeologist, but I say its been here for longer than humans have been alive. What caused that debris field still intrigues me. We could've... studied it. I guess there's no time for that now. Why am I even making this? I don't know... I'm going to look for food now. This is professor Cade P. Watson, signing off.

The batteries on CP Watson's holopad ran out the next day, and he remains foodless. Throttle Control Arham Scott and Scanner Technician Jon Newton passed away yesterday, Arham bled to death and Jon had a heart attack. Lieutenant Ernie Mann and Mechanic Boyd Milner discovered that the bridge had landed on a large piece of alien wreckage, cushioning its fall while also protecting it from the outside atmosphere. As the week goes bye, Communications Control Rizwan Halliday and Steering Control Caitlin Thorpe later died from infections. The survivors of crash have set up a base camp inside the large wreckage. End of week one survivors [front section]:

-Captain Tyler Redmond: Age 38, Male,

-Lieutenant Ernie Mann: Age 23, Male,

-Mechanic Boyd Milner: Age 29, Male,

-Professor C.P. Watson: Age 55, Male,

-Bridge Assistant Arianna Yu: Age 55, Female,

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