Motus is a temperate tidally locked E-class planet in the outer reaches of the M110 galaxy and is the homeworld of the Ammelites.


It is currently occupied by the Xorthon empire with multiple Xorthon colonies on the surface. Motus is 20 light years from Xortha is was one of the first inhabited planets they colonized. The native Ammelites fear the Xorthons and hold a dislike towards them.


The main inhabitants (aside from the Xorthon colonists) are called the Ammelites, peaceful herbivorous quadrupeds that inhabit flat plains. They socially interact with each other, communicating in a series of grunts and clicking sounds and live in herds. They seem to harbor a dislike for the Xorthons, due to them abducting some Ammelites for research as well as testing weapons on some of their land. Whenever a Xorthon approaches them, they either retreat or attempt an attack to ward off the Xorthon. Other forms of life also inhabit the planet.

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