Namia is a tidally locked temperate planet orbiting Orange Dwarf star HIP 13375. It is easily recognizable because of the massive equatorial storm found on the warm side of the planet. The HIP 13375 system is located approximately 46 light years from Earth, and was discovered by humans in 2105 AD. Namia is home to sentient, but primitive life. The planet earned it's name when Human scouting probes first surveyed more habitable parts of the surface, between the large storm facing HIP 13375 and the icy, dark wasteland facing away from it. Namia means "Middle Lands" in the language of the Cenek (Shen-Ek) Kingdom.

Planetary Properties

Namia is the fourth planet in it's solar system, which has a total of nine planets. It has two irregularly shaped dwarf moons. It is only slightly larger and heavier than Earth, and as a result has only slightly more gravity. The atmospheric pressure of Namia, however, is only 30% of what it is on Earth. The average temperature on Namia is 18 degrees Celsius.


The planet of Namia is 10 billion years old. Scientists are unsure of the evolutionary history of the planet, and of when life began on the surface, but they believe it began in Namia's single, small ocean. Following the discovery of Namia in 2105 AD, survey probes discovered a wide variety of flora and fauna and a settled society in the planet's most habitable ring of land. In addition, a nomadic society of hunter-gatherers exists within the planet's central tempest. Because of its close proximity to Earth, many factions saw Namia as a prime candidate for colonization. Only two years after the discovery of Namia, the United Systems passed the Sentient Species Non-Interference Act of 2107, rendering attempts at colonization of the HIP 13375 system illegal under interplanetary law. Since 2107, Namia has remained largely undisturbed by human activity. Only scientists looking to document the physical characteristics and cultural traditions of the planet have in any way interacted with it, and they do so very cautiously.


"Namians" as they are referred to by humans, have no unifying word for their species. The name assigned to them by humans is misleading, since Namia refers to only one part of the planet: The middle ring between the storm and the frozen dark side of the planet.

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