When an object is newly discovered and unnamed, it will be classified using the Initial Naming System, or INS.

The universe is split into many sectors, these sectors each have a name. The names are displayed as numbers. Each galaxy is named in the sector, each star in the galaxy and so forth.



Starting with the letters "RG" (for Real Galaxy), every Galaxy's classification in this universe will begin with the number 0, The next number will be determined by the luminosity of it on a scale of 0 to 9. 0 being the most luminous, and 9 being the least. The next set of numbers is a 5-digit code that will be the name of the block (or intergalactic sector) it is in. The next set will be unique to the galaxy, the number's size will be bigger in the order of discovery compared to those of other ones in the block.

Example: RG 0-5-21632-387


Represented by RS, the first number represents the code for the galaxy. The galaxy itself is divided into sectors and the second set of numbers is the classification of the sector. The third, one-digit set also represents luminosity on a scale of 0 to 8. To further specify, the sector is divided into subsectors, the long, fourth set. Then there is the number of the star in the fifth and final number. If in a multiple star system, it will end in a letter(s).

Example: RS 2836-15636-7-1258965-93


Planets share its parent star's identification with a number telling which planet it is from its star.


Moons share its planet's identification with a decimal point and the order in which the moon is in terms of distance.

Clusters and Nebulae

Abbreviated RC and RN, they are identified similarly. First, there is its galaxy's number, then their individual, chronological classification.

Examples: RC 8404-412, RN 8409-44681

Stars in clusters

Somewhat redundantly, stars in clusters have a different classification than other stars. With RSC, it starts with the galaxy number, the cluster number, its luminosity from 1 to 4, the microsector of the cluster, and its own number.

Example: RSC 8404-412-3-639-28

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