Nantak Ro is a cool E-Class moon orbiting the gas giant Nintoku in the Toriga system and is the homeworld of the humanoid Nan'taki.


It is a tropical moon located in the Triangulum galaxy and was discovered by the Starlight Envoy on a routine mission to search for habitable worlds within an uncharted region of the galaxy. Most of Nantak-Ro is largely given to ocean with a few small continents found here and there along with a larger one found near the top of the northern hemisphere.


The weather on Nantak-Ro is fairly calm and predictable however tropical storms are no strangers to this world and can rage across the seas. Otherwise, it is usually sunny.


Oddly enough, despite being around 8 billion years old, most life on it still resides in the oceans with only a few species inhabiting the surface. Vast fields of red grass can be found on the continents. The dominant species are a race of 4ft tall humanoids known as the Nan'taki who mainly inhabit the largest continent, living in a single large city on it. However, some prefer to live on the islands in small towns. When contact was made with them, they let humans build some colonies on some of the smaller islands as the crew of the Starlight Envoy thought they would make for a nice holiday spot.

Aelia: balloon like creatures that commonly float in the skies of Nantak-Ro. Aelias start out their lives as plants and by maturity they take to the skies to spread their seeds.

Gorgath: dangerous predators that live deep within the oceans.

Gilbers: small herbivorous quadrupeds kept as pets by the Nan'taki.

Gorblats: small insectoid creatures that are considered a delicacy to the Nan'taki.


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