There are countless nations all around the Borealis Cluster, and maybe in some other galactic clusters. Most of them have extremely advanced technology. 

With Humans spreading across the cosmos, they found many small alien Nations and Planets. To celebrate this, they created a Class System of Space Nations.

Planet-state (P-type)

Planet-states are the smallest type of nation. Their territories consist of just an entire Planet, Planet-states mostly exist in Rocky Planets, Gas Giants or Ice Giants have 0.003% chance of having an Alien race dominating it and have a Government.

The technology of a Planet-state is commonly advanced.

Sector-state (S-type)

Sector-states are nations that include many Systems inside a Galaxy, they are called “Sector-states” because sectors are a group of multiple Systems inside a Galaxy, an example of a S-type Nation is the Rylotharian Alliance, or the Thulcandran Federation, wich resides in most of the Orion Nebulae.

The technology of a Sector-state is commonly very advanced.

Galactic-state (G-type)

Galactic-states are very large nations wich it's territory is under control of more than 2 or just 1 Galaxy, an example of a Galactic-State is the The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

The technology of a Galactic-state is commonly ultra advanced.

Universe-state (U-type)

A good example of an Universe-state is the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony, their territories are composed of thousands of galaxies, and are the largest type of nation to exist so far.

The technology of a Universe-state is most likely more advanced than any other.

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