There are countless nations all around the Borealis Cluster, and maybe in some other galactic clusters. Most of them have extremely advanced technology, such as the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony.

With Humans spreading across the cosmos, they found many small alien Nations and Planets. To celebrate this, they created a Class System of Space Nations.

Planet-state (P-type)

Planet-states are the smallest type of nation. Their territories consist of just an entire Planet, Planet-states mostly exist in Rocky Planets, Gas Giants or Ice Giants have 0.003% chance of having an Alien race dominating it and have a Government.

The technology of a Planet-state is commonly advanced.

Sector-state (S-type)

Sector-states are nations that include many Systems inside a Galaxy, they are called “Sector-states” because sectors are a group of multiple Systems inside a Galaxy, an example of a S-type Nation is the Rylotharian Alliance, or the Thulcandran Federation, wich resides in most of the Orion Nebulae.

The technology of a Sector-state is commonly very advanced.

Galactic-state (G-type)

Galactic-states are very large nations wich it's territory is under control of more than 2 or just 1 Galaxy, an example of a Galactic-State is the The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

The technology of a Galactic-state is commonly ultra advanced.

Universe-state (U-type)

A good example of an Universe-state is the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony, their territories are composed of thousands of galaxies, and are the largest type of nation to exist so far.

The technology of a Universe-state is most likely more advanced than any other.

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