The National Research of Outer Space Exploration, or as named in the official Fifty Five Space Searcher book, the Aerodynamic Outer Space Terraformation Lab, given the name "NRoOSE" or "AOSTL", is a large research community dedicated to discovering planets outside the Milky Way and even into intergalactic galaxies.


On September 15, 2022, a Backstarter was funded to dissassemble the former Dynamic Research Planetary Lab and rebuild a new research community, this time not focusing on the Solar System and planets within range of the system, but planets OUTSIDE the galaxy and possibly interdimensional space.

On September 18, 2023, the Backstarter patron hit up to almost 10.5 million, which was about 3% of the total goal: 12.5 trillion.

On September 21, 2024, the Backstarter patron hit up to 85.2 million, which increased over time.

Ever since the funding on September 18, 2022, the Backstarter hit it's peak, at 265.2 billion, with 10 million totally funded every hour. That means 240,000,000 MartianBucks, 13,000,000 PlutoBucks, 10,000,000 LunarBucks, and others, were funded to the path every hour.

On June 25, 2025, the fund was finished. The funding hit it's goal, but went even further, to the final number: 37.7 trillion, hitting more than it's goal of 12.5 trillion. Scheduled to be founded on August 21, 2025, the same day the 2017 solar eclipse happened, and known as the National Outer Space Eclipse Explorationist Program, it was pushed 2 days later to September 22, 2025, and it was named what it is now named.

Ever since that day, an unusually moving probe called the "Curiosity" [at the time, the Curiosity rover was destroyed], was found, that is controlled by: not the NRoOSE, not an alien planet, but you. Yes, you are the probe.

August 23, 2041 - The Controversy

On August 22, 2041, the NRoOSE discovered a black gas giant out in the vastness of space. It was eventually the only one at the time, as the other gas giants were green, red, blue, some purple and ones even with yellow and orange. Some had barycenters that made them eclipse each other. Some even were purple and had a fully named moon system. And that purple one... started a massive backlash

On August 23, 2041, NRoOSE made a poll to name the purple gas giant, as all it's moons were already named. These were the names. [The list had alphabetical names.]

  • Alex, Amber, Airwatch, Avastite
  • Ballad, Baxer, Buvae, Ballox
  • Cameil, Carvich, Casle, Catte
  • Doale, Dunk, Dunkirk, Donald
  • Eve, Ele, Engard, Emma
  • Francis, Faleme, Fondo, Frunk
  • Gane, Gavile, Gulag, Gotto
  • Harris, Hirsch, Himvle, Handite
  • Jave, Juve, Jone, Jade
  • Kavie, Kanaya, Komrade, Karkat
  • Larry, Lewis, Londoke, Lajie
  • Marri, Mox, Munsch, Marde
  • Norway, Nick, Nellis, Nave
  • Ottis, Ollie, Otis, Ovale
  • Pale, Pamdie, Pansick, Plaeve
  • Qwae, Qwand, Qwote, Qalle
  • Rodrick, Rellix, Rambale, Rujeve
  • Sally, Stanlee, Samie, Spankarde
  • Tellis, Tryode, Tamvide, Taxelis
  • Ualle, Unide, Unove, Uandeve
  • Vale, Vondoxe, Voltron, Vambive
  • Wally, Wilson, Wickerbottom, Wolfygang
  • Xerna, Xambiv, Xiggle, Xojoke
  • Zalle, Zalex, Zondoke, Zume

The 10 names that made it through were Amber, Ballad, Cameil, Doale, Eve, Francis, Gulag, Hirsch, Jave, and Karkat. However, in the final round, 5 only made it through, They were Eve, Francis, Gulag, Hirsch, and Karkat. The Final 3 to win were Hirsch, Eve, and Gulag. [Karkat almost made it through.] Gulag ended up winning, due to many people voting the ironic name. Hirsch only got almost a third of the votes, ending up with 1,832,720 out of the totalled 5,498,160. Eve was elliminated due to getting only 1/5th of it, with 1,099,632. Gulag had almost the entirety, with 2,749,080. [The math was calculated; Gulag had 1/2 of the votes.]

Gulag won the battle, with 2,749,080. For the runner ups, they were; Hirsch [1,832,720], Eve [1,099,632], Karkat [1,374,540], Stanlee [785,451], and Wilson [549,816]. A possible runner up could have been Rodrick, with 422,935 votes, or 1/13 [a thirteenth] of the votes.

This sparked a large backlash and controversy, for one; Gulag was the name of a system of labor camps maintained in the former Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 in which many people died, and second, Gulag was an offensive name to Germans at the time, meaning there were loads of petitions to rename the whole thing and bring back the name Karkat. This never happened, as one; NRoOSE doesn't vote to renaming planets, and two; NRoOSE states that the names won in each Planetary Name Contest are permanent and cannot be changed. The same thing happened in the 2023 Planetary Name Contest: A black planet was discovered, which was given the name "Halevite" [Gegigiobo is a gas giant, not a planet.]. This was considerably offensive to nearly 1/4th of the world population, always signing petitions about renaming.

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