The Nekomimi (Literally translated from Japanese as "Cat ear") are a sub-race of Shinja native to the

Osaka System in the andromeda galaxy.

Physical Description

A Nekomimi has the exact same proportions and characteristics as a Shinja except for these examples.

  • Nekomimi have two cat-like ears on the top of their head. These ears are fully redundant as they also have normal ears.
  • Nekomimi are slightly shorter and lighter than the average Shinja.
  • Nekomimi are fully compatible with Shinja, but only have a small chance to produce viable offspring with a human.
  • Nekomimi have a non-prehensile cat-like tail. This tail is for aesthetic purposes only and is on average a meter long.


In 198902, three hundred million devout anime fans gathered on a lifeless terra wearing pressure suits. This terra would later be named Nihon. These anime fans were so devoted to anime, they decided to genetically modify themselves to be more like the catgirls found in anime.

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