The Nekros Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy located in the Thavma Cluster galactic neighborhood, 134 million light-years from the Milky Way. It is the fifth satellite galaxy of the Ambrosia Galaxy.


Known by the official numeric designation of IC 5176, it would be later named the Nekros Galaxy after humans entered within the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is home to ten billion stars, hundreds of billions of planets, and countless lifeforms

It would be the home to many different type three intragalatic civilizations, with the most notable being the Nekrodian High Command, who held a firm grip of the galaxy from 4,000,000,000 BCE to 2,890,000,000 BCE. Until' they were annexed by the Ambrosian native Etymology in the latter year.

The most famous and notable feature of the galaxy would be the Nekrodian Thavmaphage, an ancient bacterial lifeforms that managed to spread itself amongst billions of worlds thanks to the frequent use of interstellar travel of intelligent species native to the Nekros Galaxy that appeared in 2,890,000,980 BCE. This bacteria would attack almost all known organic matter it came into contact with, dissolving it down to metaphoric atoms, leaving worlds completely devoid of life in a time frame of standard years.

Thanks to this, the vast majority of worlds in the galaxy remained lifeless for billions of years, causing countless Nekros native species to go extinct outright. However thankfully life would begin to take route in the galaxy, leading to several interstellar intelligent species to appear across the galaxy throughout the billions of years after the Nekrodian Thavmaphage's destruction.

It would even manage to find itself in extragalatic borders, with the only known example being the Ambrosia Galaxy 9n 2,890,000,100 BCE. While exploratory probes launched from the Nekros Galaxy towards Ambrosia, the extremophile managed to remain on the probes. And after they were taken under Etymology care, it would spread like fire on wheat, taking countless lives across the whole of the Ambrosia Galaxy in an event known as: "Life's End" by the aforementioned Etymology. However thanks to the scientific efforts of the greatest minds Ambrosia had to offer, with the most notable being the Supreme Authority: Mystara, the Nekrodian Thavmaphage would be eradicated across the galaxy.

This would be taken as a deliberate attack on the part of those native to the Nekros Galaxy by the Etymology, and they would take up arms and lead an all out crusade on the aforementioned galaxy. However once they arrived, they would find a practically dead galaxy, almost completely devoid of life. As such, they would quickly find out they fell prey to the fate Ambrosia nearly did itself, and they would claim dominion over the satellite galaxy, taking the few remaining intelligent species under their care. They would also use the same method they did in their home galaxy to eradicate all traces of the Nekrodian Thavmaphage in the Nekros Galaxy, effectively destroying the memory of its existence off the face of the universe.

Unfortunately for the Etymology however, the barren worlds held very little resource value compared to the cost required to traverse the wormhole linking the two galaxies, so it was largely left to self rule, only rarely having resources be sent Ambrosiaward. Thanks to this, those Etymology member species who made their home in the Nekros Galaxy would be spared from the famous Red Galaxy Event in 604,000,000 BCE, thanks to the C.Y.R.E.X not having a presence there. However since their numbers were so slim, they have either died off naturally, or evolved into new species.

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