The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony (N.T.I.H for short) is a large U-type political entity controlling 9,300 galaxies in the Borealis Cluster.


The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony is a fascist state that has enslaved septillions of aliens to use for further conquest. The small human minority (less than 100 Quadrillion) rules the aliens with an iron fist.

Their military is disproportionally large for a nation of its size; legion after legion of barely self-aware aliens make good soldiers. The aliens under their control have been genetically edited to be more docile, fertile, and better workers, allowing for hoards of soldiers to be dispatched in war time.

Most do not even consider the aliens to be part of the population anymore. This is because many of their planets house pre-sapient aliens, which are below A in the Ralis Scale.


Early History

The ancestors of the NTIH originated on Publius― a cool terra in the Milky Way. Publius was illegally terraformed in 2456 by a rogue group of humans later called the Publians lead by Hal Drusus. The terraformation was illegal due to the presence of intelligent life on the planet. The species was in the late bronze age when The Publians comitted genocide against them, destroying all record of their existence.  

The Publians began to expand to nearby planets, sterilizing another planet they found with life on it, when leaving it be be would be the legal option. By 3000 CE (the same year as the founding of the Confederacy of Borealis), they controlled over twenty star systems. 

The Publian government left a lot to be desired. It was a brutal dictatorship, committed many crimes, and was very corrupt. Corporations from the CoB were not allowed to do business within Publian controlled space as well. The quality of living was dreadful, with almost all other humans having a higher standard of living. 

The CoB decided to liberate the people of Publian space. The people however, did not want that. They were told that the CoB had it even worse than they did, and that they should be grateful to Drusus who liberated them from such a fate. 

The CoB attacked on December 1, 3102. The people fought hard, but they were no match for the might of the CoB. They surrendered on May 9, 3105. 

The Dark ages

Little is really known about how the Publiusian government survived after the fall of their empire. What is known is that the elite went into hiding just before Publius surrendered. They stayed dormant, acting as a secret society and waiting for an opportunity to rise again for thousands of years.

The Founding of NTIH

Around 24000, the remnants of the Publius secretly left the Milky Way in sleeper ships destined for Scipio In the Phoenix Galaxy and in about 25000 they made it to Scipio. Drusus IV was told which planet to settle in a vision, claimed to be sent from God. This would later bear fruit for the society, in 25670 explorers on Scipio found an ancient piece of technology built by an as-of-yet unknown alien precursor. Emperor Drusus himself declared it a gift from God as he activated The Blessing of Mars by entering the tomb-sized artifact and projecting his goals and ambitions to the entire sentient population living on Scipio.  

This motivated the small number of people on the planet to begin rapidly settling nearby worlds. Drusus IV's son, Drusus V, oversaw the incorporation of all human settled worlds and subjugation of all aliens and trans humans. 

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

Free from all outside influence, Drusus V started implementing many policies which would become the core foundation of the Neo-terran government like the Neo-Terran Caste system, Noble Tax, And the Phoenix laws. Within 10,000 years, the entire Phoenix Galaxy had been settled by a strong, healthy and extremely patriotic population.

During the colonization of the Phoenix galaxy, four intelligent species were discovered. All of these species were Type I or II, and were easily conquered by the relatively advanced Hegemony. Drusus V could have exterminated them, like his ancestors would have, instead, he decided to enslave them.

The Slave Races

These four races, all refereed to as "aliens" as the Hegemony did not bother to distinguish between them, had a total population of 12 Trillion. This would have doubled the population of the Hegemony were they incorporated normally. However, Drusus V, decided that this would be a waste.

He had them enslaved. Of course, they didn't like that. The rebellions were quelled brutally, billions were massacred as an example. Retroviruses were released into the population. These viruses altered the DNA of the aliens to make them more fertile, docile, and better workers. Their intelligence score went from J to K down to low A in less than a century.

These slaves were used to expand the Hegemony much faster than it otherwise would have. They were worked to death or equipped with advanced weapons to destroy any civilization they came across.

The NTIH has since expanded to 9,300 galaxies, by taking all of the remaining galaxies in the Borealis. Hundreds of enclaves are in the CoB because they claimed basically everything left.

Some of the slaves are bought from the Empire of Mankind, commanding supplies from time to time, as commerce between both nations is common.

Modern NTIH

The Modern NTIH has the vast majority of its humans living in the Phoenix galaxy. Only a few Overseers exist outside of the Phoenix galaxy to make sure the slave hoards do their job properly. Really, one should consider the Phoenix galaxy the actual NTIH, with the rest being territory that is not truly a part of the nation.

In the Phoenix Galaxy, the people live a fantastic life. Each civilian having the same buying power as three in the CoB. Resources constantly flow in from its territories to the galaxy. They don't have to worry about deaths of workers, terraforming outside of the phoenix galaxy, or even developing technology beyond its vast military.

Outside of the Phoenix galaxy, the development index is about zero. Septillions of aliens slave away for literally no pay. Of course, they have almost no intelligence, so they enjoy it. Quadrillions could die from a technical fault before it is addressed. The few self-aware aliens that remain are modified to be much smarter, but also have no emotions, making them a bunch of computers good for designing new technology.

Many humans don't even have to work, but most do anyway because unemployment is culturally stigmatized.


The Military of the NTIH is massive, with over 220 sextillion ships and 1.38 septillion soldiers. It uses this military to crush smaller civilizations and to gain more slaves. This m

The Brang

The military of the NITH is mostly filled with a race called the Brang.

Diplomatic Relations

The Empire of Mankind

The Neo-Terran Hegemony and the Empire of Mankind have an alliance. They have been supporting each other since millennia. The ruling dynasty of the Empire, the Tarnos Dynasty, has been marrying the Neo-Terran Verres Dynasty for a long time. Double marriages have been common alongside the history of both nations.

Nowadays, the sister of the Current Emperor of the Neo-Terrans, Julia Drusus Verres, is married to the son of Ashalon II Tarnos, Erion Tarnos heir to the Empire of Mankind. At the same time, Claudia, one of Ashalon's daughters and sister of Erion is married to Drusus VII, Emperor of the N.T.I.H.

The Supreme and DELYATU

The Supreme and DELYATU have since been considered one entity by the NTIH after The Exhumation. The NTIH has pledged to destroy the two, regardless of any other nation helping. They view Self-Aware machines as soulless and are therefore, objects. To them, The Supreme and DELYATU are nothing more than rogue objects that need to be destroyed.

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