"It's hard to ignore the atrocities, but who do you punish? This happened over one hundred millennia ago. No one alive is even remotely related to anyone that's done them. The slaves right now, as defined by international law, are animals due to their low intelligence. Meaning that using them is entirely legal. Moral? Well that's an entirely different question now is it?" -Doctor Wello Dairn, professor of Neo-Terran General History of the University of Isan.

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony (N.T.I.H) is a country bordering the Confederacy of Borealis. It consists of 59 territories, 5 duchies, and 1 grand duchy, and various possessions around these duchies not fully controlled by any of them. It is one of the least densely populated nations in the known universe, with only 156 quintillion sapient individuals within its borders, despite having a sovereign territory consisting of 516 galaxies.

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony is a Feudal-Capitalist state that has enslaved and genetically modified thousands of races for use by the noble class. Counting these slaves, the population shoots up to be much higher than most nearby nations to it. However, since they are not sapient, few actually count them as more than property even if they were "freed."

Their military is disproportionately large for a nation of its size; legion after legion of barely self-aware aliens make good soldiers. The slave species under their control have been genetically edited to be more docile, fertile, and better workers. These soldiers are mostly used to force the union to stay together, even though, historically, it has been rarely been fully unified, only fully reunifying recently in 199922 in the wake of several societal reforms. These reforms made all sapient individuals, not just humanoid ones, equal in the eyes of the law. The nation was founded on the principle that Bipedal, carbon-based, and oxygen breathing species were the most suited to rule the universe, although, as of late, most bipedal species in general are tolerated.

The capital of this civilization is the planet Scipio in the Phoenix Galaxy. Regional capitals include planets called, Khan, Napolea, Alexandria, Pizarro, and Rommel (information about them below).


When the Phoenix Galaxy was first being colonized by the Hegemony, four sapient alien species were discovered. Prior to the full colonization of the Phoenix Galaxy, the Hegemony would have just slaughtered the races and moved on. However the Empress Consort at the time, Sagiri Takanashi IX, wanted to enslave them and use them as workers rather than waste their potential. So she prodded the emperor, Drusus V, into using the species in this way.

One thing Sagiri IX did not like was seeing some of the more humanoid aliens getting enslaved along with the rest. It was likely that, as a human noble, she lacked the ability to empathize with non-humanoid species. This eventually lead to only non-humanoid species being used as slaves, while the rest were given rights proportional to how human they appeared and behaved.

When Hegemony enslaves a race, they create retro-viruses engineered to alter the DNA of this race. These viruses are then released onto the planet the aliens are from. The aliens were made less intelligent, more docile, less fragile, and overall better workers. When someone finally lands on the planet, the aliens there are quite literally begging to be told what to do.

The Slave Races

The slaves were used to expand the Hegemony much faster than it otherwise would have. They were worked to death or equipped with advanced weapons to destroy any civilization they came across. Some of the slaves were even bought in from the Empire of Mankind, as trade between the two nations have historically been very common.

In many cases, it is actually cheaper to use these slaves rather than robots. Robots have the cost advantage in space, but in factories, the slaves can be altered so much that they are practically robots anyway. They have nanomachines fixing any damage dealt to them, meaning that they could theoretically last forever, requiring a bit less maintenance than traditional machines. Some even run on electricity or have a thermo-electric generator built in to them.


The NTIH as a whole doesn't expand, rather, the duchies, territories, and the grand duchy expand on their own. Causing numerous border disputes and civil wars in the Hegemony's history. Right now, it has fully colonized 107 galaxies and they occupy over 408 galaxies. Currently, 101 occupied galaxies are actively rebelling. Reasons range from insurrection against the Emperor, to non-humanoid species attempting to avoid slavery, to humanoids wanting democracy.

Political Divisions


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A map of the NTIH, the lighter areas are territory merely occupied by the Duchies rather than fully colonized. The purple areas are actively rebelling or claimed by another entity.

Drusidia (Officially called The Grand Duchy of Drusidia), capital Scipio, has traditionally the head of the other duchies. It is ruled by the Emperor, currently Alen Drusus LXIX. It has fully colonized 21 galaxies and occupies 78. It is mostly populated by humans and a handful of second-class citizens, most of which are humanoid races.

Drusidia was named after the first Emperor, Hal Drusus I. It has been a fully independent nation for most of its history, only in 89071 (when it was able to exert influence on all of the other duchies and the height of its empire) and in the founding of the modern Hegemony in 199921. The Duchy came to be in 25000, as the first of the Duchies out of the remains of the Publian Civilization. It started the practice of slavery and has since spread it to all of the other duchies apart from Satella, one of the territories in the contested space.

Most nations have embassies or consulates in this Duchy for relations, most other noble families or organizations have relations with this duchy, and it is the center of the economy and military, essentially forcing the other duchies to stay under its influence, as it is far less profitable or safe to remain independent.


Remrom (Officially called The Duchy of Remrom) is the second largest duchy. It's capital is the planet Khan (in Neo-Terran). The race that inhabits this duchy is called the Gainge. They are a humanoid race which breathe oxygen and are carbon-based, granting them a higher social standing in the nation. They are strikingly similar to humans in both culture and appearance, mostly due to human influence on their society. They are so similar that approximately 29% of humans find Gainge physically attractive, with 91% of Gainge find humans to be physically attractive, making marriages and inter-special relationships between the two species more common than any other two species. They cannot produce children, and relations require many inoculations against bacterial infections unique to each species.

This has caused the civilization to be the one of the few non-human species to be so deeply involved with the human nobility. Because of this, throughout most of the history of this civilization, they have had close relations to Drusidia, almost never fighting them in wars, emulating their culture, and quite often forming alliance with them whenever possible. They control 13 galaxies and claim 43 galaxies. As a Duchy on the border, it claims galaxies hundreds of Mega-Light-years into the nearby void. (More Here)


Amme (Officially, The Free Galaxies of Amme and Beyond) is the third largest duchy. It's capital is the planet Napolea and the race that resides here are called the Belua. Like all of the other major races of the NTIH, they are carbon-based and bipedal. One thing that sets them apart from standard humans is their highly varied appearance. While many look to be human, there are thousands of variations. This essentially correlates with roles in society. Hunters have large spines, gatherers have a tail-like appendage to help with climbing, caretakers of children look the most similar to humans, and coordinators are almost three times as intelligent while also being fairly weak. These four main variations each have hundreds of sub-variations which fulfill similar functions.

The fate of a Belua is determined at birth, with one's current role having no bearing on the role of their offspring. While at first, these allocation of roles (independent of biological sex) created a society where every individual was just as valuable, as technology advanced, the Coordinators' value grew disproportionately compared to the value of others. Since they were so much more intelligent, they were able to easily distance themselves from the "commoners" with advanced weapons that entirely negated their lack of strength.

When the civilization went through an industrial revolution, they used the commoners born into their ranks to operate the machines, manipulating the relatively stupid workers with promise of an afterlife. Soon after, they unlocked the ability to alter their own genes to only produce Overseers, now called "Nobles." Inside of their walled cities, they had everything they needed, so the commoners born outside of these cities ended up remaining tribal societies until the civilization became Type I. The Nobles finally began gene-editing the commoners to be useful members of an advanced society, but never increasing their intelligence enough to allow them to revolt.

The commoners became a commodity among the Nobles. Using them as a currency in addition to the paper free-floating currency they already had. While this appears barbaric to most outside observers, the commoners are hardly anything more than animals, barely attaining a low A on the Ralis Scale (while the Nobles are early J).

Eventually the civilization became Type II and later Type III in 24190. Shortly thereafter, the Nobles, already with a highly elitist attitude, came to appreciate the fledgling Hegemony's handling of non-humanoid races. They began employing the same practices to not only control their own species, but also on other species. This Duchy has often been allied with or opposed to Drusidia.

This Duchy was the last to join the modern Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony in 199923 CE.


Naidaro (Officially The Principality of Naidaro) is the fourth most prominent of the Duchies. The capital planet is named Alexandria. Unlike the rest, it is ruled by a prince rather than a duke. Even so, it is often referred to as a duchy. The Prince acts as a king, and the title is transferred as though it were a king. This is because of the history of the title.

In 27,875 CE, the duchess of Naidaro started a full secessionist movement against Drusidia (which is what the entire nation was called at the time not just the Grand Duchy). As this was the first, and very unpopular, secessionist movement, it ended badly for Naidaro, resulting in the Drusidian military marching directly into the Duke's home and killing her and her family and broadcasting it to the entire empire as an example.

The son of the current emperor was installed as the leader of Naidaro rather than finding a new duke. He essentially became the new duke but with the title of prince. However, the duchy was mostly populated with a species called the Shima. This caused contention as the Shima were not widely accepting of being ruled by humans even at the Duchy level.

When Naidaro finally did become an independent state in 29004, the human prince was overthrown and replaced with a Shima. However, the title hadn't changed, thus making the nation a principality even though it is hardly ruled by a prince at all.


Katam (Capital Pizarro) is the fifth most prominent duchy and the only one to be democratic. The people vote for a prime minister to balance the power of the Duke. Both the prime minister and the duke have cabinets responsible for different aspects of governance. The Prime Minister is responsible for domestic affairs such as economics, allocation of resources, and maintaining order. The Duke handles foreign affairs such as expeditionary fleets, administration of occupied territory, and foreign relations. This is so the people have a say in the things which affect them, but the overall behavior of the Duchy beyond its territory is the same as it would have been.


Illushtri (Capital Rommel) is the least prominent of the Duchies. While it looks powerful on the map, it is actually comparatively weak. While it administers more galaxies than any of the duchies, it has a much lower population, the least number of fully colonized galaxies, and the smallest military. The Duchy is ruled by a race called the Weirms. Much like the rest of the duchies, it was independent from Drusidia until 199921.


Territories are the areas in grey or purple that appear on the map. These territories usually do not have enough of a military presence by the duchies to fully control them. They are the only places in the NTIH where non-humanoid aliens have not been enslaved. Most of them have a humanoid species that is actively supported by a duke or duchess, but they don't have a high enough of a population to fully control even a single galaxy.

Because of this, the territories are ruled by a Marquis or Marchioness appointed by the current emperor. This Marquis is often a member of a local humanoid species. However, these territories are more influenced by the individual duchies rather than the grand duchy itself.



Vrch (Officially called the Seigniory of Vrch) is the contested area in purple. While the Confederacy officially recognizes it as a part of the NTIH, it is locked in a civil war between the dominant humanoid species in the area (The Farls) and a common species which managed to resist Vrch for thousands of years (The Jorges). The Jorges have their own government, currency, and military, making them their own nation. Their ultimate goal is to gain statehood within the CoB to force the NTIH to relinquish it's claims on the area.

Diplomatic Relations

The Empire of Mankind

The Neo-Terran Hegemony and the Empire of Mankind have an alliance. They have been supporting each other since millennia. The ruling dynasty of the Empire, the Tarnos Dynasty, has been marrying the Neo-Terran Verres Dynasty for a long time. Double marriages have been common alongside the history of both nations.

Nowadays, the sister of the Current Emperor of the Neo-Terrans, Julia Drusus Verres, is married to the son of Ashalon II Tarnos, Erion Tarnos heir to the Empire of Mankind. At the same time, Claudia, one of Ashalon's daughters and sister of Erion is married to Drusus VII, Emperor of the N.T.I.H.


Early History

The ancestors of the NTIH originated on Publius― a cool terra in the Milky Way. Publius was illegally terraformed in 2456 by a rogue group of humans later called the Publians lead by Hal Drusus. The terraformation was illegal due to the presence of intelligent life on the planet. The species was in the late bronze age when The Publians committed genocide against them, destroying all record of their existence.  

The Publians began to expand to nearby planets, sterilizing another planet they found with life on it. By 3000 CE (the same year as the founding of the Confederacy of Borealis), they controlled over twenty star systems. 

The Publian government left a lot to be desired. It was a brutal dictatorship, committed many crimes, and was very corrupt. Corporations from the CoB were not allowed to do business within Publian controlled space either. The quality of living was dreadful, with almost all other humans having a higher standard of living. 

The CoB decided to liberate the people of Publian space. The people however, did not want that. They were told that the CoB had it even worse than they did, and that they should be grateful to Drusus who liberated them from such a fate. 

The CoB attacked on December 1, 3102. The people fought hard, but they were no match for the might of the CoB. They surrendered on May 9, 3105. 

The Dark ages

Little is really known about how the Publian government survived after the fall of their empire. What is known is that the elite went into hiding just before Publius surrendered. They stayed dormant, acting as a secret society and waiting for an opportunity to rise again for thousands of years.

The Founding of NTIH

Around 24000, the remnants of the Publian secretly left the Milky Way in sleeper ships destined for Scipio In the Phoenix Galaxy and in about 25000 they made it to Scipio. Drusus IV was told which planet to settle in a vision, which he claimed was sent by God. This vision, regardless of if it were a hallucination or true divine intervention, would bear fruit for the society. in 25670 explorers on Scipio found an ancient piece of technology built by an as-of-yet unknown alien precursor. Emperor Drusus himself declared it a gift from God as he activated The Blessing of Mars by entering the tomb-sized artifact and projecting his goals and ambitions to the entire sentient population living on Scipio.  

This motivated the small number of people on the planet to begin rapidly settling nearby worlds. Drusus IV's son, Drusus V, oversaw the incorporation of all human settled worlds and subjugation of all aliens and trans humans. 

Free from all outside influence, Drusus V started implementing many policies which would become the core foundation of the Neo-terran government like the Neo-Terran Caste system, Noble Tax, And the Phoenix laws. Within 10,000 years, the entire Phoenix Galaxy had been settled by a strong, healthy and extremely patriotic population. 


Neo-Terrans very rarely left the Phoenix Galaxy. Instead, opting to send mostly automated exploration missions to chart nearby galaxies. After a galaxy was thoroughly mapped out, a Star Cluster nearby would be filled with Von Neumann Probes that would begin harvesting it. Quadrillions of Brang (the slave race used in the military) would be cloned, trillions of drop ships constructed, and hundreds of Dyson Swarms built. The Cluster would disappear from the perspective of the civilizations in the galaxy. This would take place in the span of two to three decades. Afterwards, the Brang hoards would invade the galaxy all at once. Easily subjugating it. A Neo-terran would arrive later, and designate what the conquered races would be best as.

This method happened thousands of times. The stronger civilizations were entirely annihilated, while smaller ones could be more easily manipulated. In total, over 21 septillion individuals are estimated to have been killed. Of these, over three hundred type III civilizations were annihilated.

These atrocities were completely unknown to even the people of the Phoenix galaxy. Exactly three hundred individuals know about what has happened, with some being routinely purged to prevent the secret from spreading.

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