The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony (N.T.I.H for short) is a large U-type political entity controlling many galaxies in the virgo supercluster.

Early history

The ancestors of the NTIH originated on Publius; a temperate world in the Milky Way. Terraformed in 2876 and illegally colonized in 3004, the rogue state was merely tolerated by the Confederacy of Humanity; which was still in its infancy at the time. In 3256, Publius adopted an imperial government called “The publiusian bloc” after a short civil war on the planet. In 3409, the Confederacy of Humanity established a trade embargo on the Publiusian bloc, slowing the publiusian expanse, but far from halting it. 

Concern about the publiusians arose in the confederate leadership as the bloc had colonized over 1000 planets by the turn of the millenium, and it’s ideology seemed to grow more xenophobic every passing year. By 4500, the bloc was outright genocidal towards aliens, and transhumans were treated with open hostility by the general populace. The confederate citizens viewed the bloc as a sort of galactic boogieman; A backwards collective of psychos that needed to be dealt with, and in 4728 a war was declared between the bloc and the confederacy.                  

Although strong for their size, the publiusians were no match for the greater confederacy. Just 3 weeks into the war, the entire Publiusian spaceborne military was destroyed, captured or isolated. What followed was a brutal campaign of conquest and occupation by the confederates. Admiral Rory Haring was later tried and convicted for war crimes, as he foresaw the needless destruction of cities, provinces and entire planets. These brutal campaigns would forever demonize the confederacy in Neo-terran society.

The Dark ages

Little is really known about how the Publiusian government survived after the fall of their empire. What is known is that the bloc’s elite went into hiding just before Publius surrendered. They stayed dormant, acting as a secret society and waiting for an opportunity to rise again.

The Founding of NTIH

Around 25000, the remnants of the Publiusian bloc secretly settled Scipio In the Phoenix Galaxy After their emperor, Drusus IV was told to by a vision. This would later bear fruit for the society, as in 25670 explorers on Scipio found an ancient piece of technology built by an as-of-yet unknown alien precursor. Emperor Drusus himself declared it a gift from the true gods and activated The Blessing of Mars by entering the tomb-sized artifact and projecting his goals and ambitions to the entire sentient population living in the galaxy. His son, Drusus V, oversaw the incorporation of all True Human settled worlds and expulsion of all aliens and trans-humans. 

The confederacy tried to deal with this threat by sending the 162nd battle fleet to the galaxy. This, however, proved to be a mistake as the crew manning the 162nd battle fleet came under the effect of the blessing of mars, effectively giving the fleet to the new empire. After a period of panic, the confederacy attempted to negate the blessing of mars with no success. All operatives that entered the galaxy would immediately pledge allegiance to the new neo-terran empire, and any AI that entered the galaxy would be corrupted shortly after it entered. In 26782, The Confederacy opted to just watch the phoenix galaxy with caution. 

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

Free from all outside influence, Drusus V started implementing many policies which would become the core foundation of the Neo-terran government like the Neo-Terran Caste system, Noble Tax, And the Phoenix laws. Within 10,000 years, the entire Phoenix Galaxy had been settled by a strong, healthy and extremely patriotic population. In 43509, The Neo-Terrans started colonizing neighboring galaxies with little resistance. Just before the turn of the 100th millennium, The Neo-Terrans started aggressively colonizing galaxies which startled the intergalactic confederacy. In 90000 the Neo-terrans only held a mere 300 galaxies while in 120000, the Neo-terrans held over 2 thousand galaxies. Neither side really wanted a war and for the first time in history the Neo-terrans opened diplomacy with the confederacy. After about 3 years of heated negotiations, The Treaty of Cuicul was signed by both powers.

Daily life

Neo-Terran life varies a lot between its countless worlds and galaxies, to the point where some planets speak their own language and print their own currency. The average Neo-Terran has access to technology which has an equivalent sophistication to mid 3rd millenium confederate tech. As far as healthcare goes, the  average Neo-Terran lives about 1,000 years, as tech increasing longevity of life is rationed and mostly reserved for the elite <1% and military. NTIH of course, could afford to raise healthcare prices, and civilian technology to be of a higher tech, but they would choose to rather focus their expenses on military production and research. It is because of this that NTIH has a very advanced military, even surpassing the confederacy and Xa’thin in some cases. Another reason for this primitiveness of life is to control the population. If the population think that these cheap, primitive and crude goods and services are the best of the best, they will be satisfied with what they have. If they aren't exposed to high tech, they won't miss it, and more importantly they wont demand it. Unfortunately, NTIH spends a lot of money to suppress knowledge of outside advancement in quality of life, and to keep out criminals smuggling advanced goods into NTIH from outside powers like the confederacy and commonwealth. The rewards, however, is an incredibly large military, rivaling even the confederation in strength. Advanced goods are reserved by only the most noble verres members, as even most of the elite cannot be allowed to be enlightened by the corrupting high tech. 


Another interesting fact about NTIH is their policy regarding robots. Only in cases where robots are completely necessary that they are used in the production of items. This of course reduces unemployment, and increases the overall stability of the Hegemony, and at the same time increasing its opinion with the Empire of Mankind. A notable exception to this law is the production of Military assets.

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