Neoxia (1)

Neoxia as it appears currently.

Neoxia is the homeworld of the Neoxians.


Located a 26 light years from the Eagle Nebula, this planet (RS 8409-1796-7-18-572 in 9.7.3.) is remarkably Earthlike with a diameter of 12578.5 km. It has a gravitational pull of 1.1 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.9 AU giving it a year length of 356 days. The planet has a local day length of 15 hours and 9 minutes. It has an atmospheric pressure of 0.8 ATM

The planet has two moons, two of which are rocky bodies and one being a captured asteroid. The entire system is 11.8 billion years old.

Neoxia (2)

First picture of Neoxia


With an axial tilt of 170° and 54‘, the climate of the terraformed world doesn’t have as much variation that of Earth but it is colder with a mean average temperature of  -1.6 °C.

When first discovered in 4311 the world had more land than surface water but after terraforming water levels rose and the world had become a paradise. The higher elevations are colder and most of the time blanketed in snow.


The original culture of Neoxia was one of extreme religious zealotry. The Neoxians believed that they were the only true Christians in the Confederacy. They preached that the Confederacy had been cursed by God because it allowed heathens like the Muslims and Neo-Norse to exist. They also condemned other Christians in their later days.

Neoxia (3)

Current map of Neoxia

After the Neoxian Revolution, the culture was reformed to become one of true peace and kindness, much to the relief of the rest of the galaxy. The current culture is as friendly as that of Zion. The planet has a population of over 7.3 billion.


Found by an unmanned FTL probe near the Eagle Nebula, this planet caught the attention of the relatively new and at the time mild Neoxian cult. They eagerly terraformed the planet and colonized it, building the first city which they called Purity. They declared that they were not a part of the Confederacy after that. They began preaching out against what they perceived to be the corruption of the Confederacy as the years passed, growing more violent in their hateful speech.

Neoxia (4)

First map of Neoxia

As time went on, the Neoxians used the mineral wealth of their system to secretly build an advanced fleet of warships. The planet’s constant state of war lasted for over twenty years until the Neoxian revolution of 4556 which toppled the Neoxian dictatorial government and destroyed Purity. The new Neoxian government, after getting itself in order, reached out and asked to be recognized as part of the Confederacy again. They were welcomed back in and have been a part of the Confederacy ever since, spreading their goodwill throughout the galaxy.

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