A former offshoot branch of Christianity as well as the inhabitants of Neoxia.


The original culture of Neoxia was one of extreme religious zealotry similar to that of the ancient former Westboro Baptist Church. The Neoxians believed that they were the only true Christians in the Confederacy. They preached that the Confederacy had been cursed by God because it allowed heathens like the Muslims and Neo-Norse to exist. They also condemned other Christians.

After the Neoxian Revolution, the culture was reformed to become one of true peace and kindness, much to the relief of the rest of the galaxy. The current culture is as friendly as that of Zion.                            


The Neoxian cult was founded by Tarlok Jun, a young native Martian, in the year 4302 near the Mariner Gorge. He was so persuasive in his speech that many flocked to see and hear him. As the years passed he formed the Neoxian denomination and even his own small town.

When Neoxia was discovered in 4311 he declared that it was a sign from God to leave and establish God’s kingdom on Earth. Using the influence of some of his disciples he was able to get the planet terraformed and in 4336 the first Neoxian colonists landed and established the city of Purity. They immediately declared independence from the Confederacy

As time went on, they spread across their world and spoke out against the supposed corruption of the Confederacy. At the same time, however, they were secretly building a warfleet. In 4532 they launched a surprise attack on many worlds they deemed heathen, however most of the violence took place in the Carina Nebula. This started the Neoxian-Norse war which lasted for years until they were pushed back.

Undeterred they began to attack other worlds of religious significance, killing millions of innocents in bombing runs and kinetic bombardment. When they heard about the Valhalla Summit and that people claiming to be Christians had gone, they began to attack Christian worlds as well. However in 4556 the Neoxians had a brutal and bloody revolution.

The new government established in the rebuilt city of Purity was a peaceful one and the Neoxian people have been like this since.


In the beginning, Tarlok Jun preached that all who didn't believe were sinners and would be sent to Hell, using generic scare tactics. He also preached about the ancient Roman Catholic belief of Indulgences and Purgatory, although his version of Purgatory was that any Neoxian questioning their faith as well as more traditional Christians would go there.

As decades went on he spewed more hate and encouraged violence against the supposedly corrupt Confederacy. He defended his actions by saying that it was God's will and that it was meant to wake the galaxy from its sinful slumber.

After the Valhalla Summit Tarlok began condemning more traditional Christians and saying that they too would go to hell. However, he was permanently silenced during the Neoxian Revolution as he was executed.

Neoxian beliefs went through major reforms after this, They reached out to their fellow Christians who sent relief in the form of food, water, supplies and missionaries. They adopted a somewhat Calvinist view of Christianity.

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