Nerria is a Cool Terra with Organic Multicellular ( Marine, Terrestrial ) Life. The planet is home to many life forms, however the only intelligent species are the Neruns. The planet has 2 small moons.

Physical Features


Nerria has an atmosphere about twice as large as Earth. The atmosphere has an orange hue, which makes the planet seem orange from afar.

Surface Features

Screenshot 12-0

A surface view of Nerria.

The surface of Nerria is full of Plains, Swamps, Oceans, and Mountains. The poles of the planet are completely covered in ice.


The life on Nerria is very nomadic, and most do not meet other members of their species and hunt alone. They are taller than life on Earth due to the smaller gravity. The life mainly breathes oxygen. The life in the oceans is not as large as on Earth, as the ocean is not quite as deep, at around 3 Kilometers on average.


The two moons are named Ratrumus and Rartium. They are both very small asteroids, and do not have a large effect.

Orbiting spacecraft

The Confederacy of Humanity has a ship named the Dartmouth orbiting the planet to study the Neruns and other life on the planet.

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