The Neruns are a civilization based off of Nerus, with colonies on other close planets.

Societal Structure

The Neruns are a very socialistic species, and each town supports itself. They all contribute to their town of residence. Occasionally, they visit a meeting place between towns, and exchange between them.


The Neruns started off exploring the planet, and colonizing it's entirety. Eventually, even the poles were settled. After a long period of time, technology began to progress, and eventually they began to communicate between the towns. This caused a much faster spring in technology, and eventually the towns banded together to create a space program, with the main target to investigate the two moons of Nerus.

Space Program

The program started off with failure, as it was not yet known very well. Eventually, a low orbit was established. Soon, the Neruns had landed on the two moons, and even planets orbiting both stars. They eventually journeyed to the closest star to them, a binary Orange Dwarf extremely close to the star, at a very small 0.7 Lightyears away.

Galactic Diplomacy

The Neruns have so seemed very suspicious of the Confederacy of Humanity, and little communication is present between them.

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