New Kyrn (1)

A human colony world located in Barnard's Galaxy and a part of the Kryn Kingdom, one of Celeste’s largest kingdoms.


With a diameter of km, New Kyrn (RS 8440-2-7-1497961-37 in 9.7.4 beta v5) a temperate E-Class world, is the sixth planet in its system. It has a gravitational index practically identical to that of Earth at 0.98 G It has a semimajor axis of 0.9 AU and an orbital period of 311.2 days. It originally had a day length of 16 hours and 5 minutes according to the ancient databanks but after terraforming was complete it had a more Earthlike day, much like what had happened to Celeste.

Along with the system it has an age of 11.1 billion years. It has nine moons, one of which is a temperate S-Class world.


The planet originally had an axial tilt of only 130°22’ but after terraforming the axial tilt was similar to that of Earth there are barely any seasons on Celeste. It has an atmospheric pressure of 0.9 ATM. The mean temperature of the planet is cooler than Celeste at 23.4 °C.

The planet has one massive ocean which is filled with small islands and crater islands. It’s supercontinent is lush with wildlife.


New Kyrn (2)

A hurricane seen during a New Kyrn morning

One of the first colonies settled by the humans of Celeste, it was discovered after the Hyperion Gate system in each palace and castle on Celeste opened. The Kyrn Kingdom sent through a scouting party as the view through the Looking Glass showed an opening in a large forest filled with unusual trees and showing a large river in a green valley. The knights that were sent through discovered a virtually untouched paradise. With that, a town was built in the valley beneath the location of the gate and the forest was cleared. The town was colonized by volunteers from the city who were desperate to feel more freedom without the threat of Wyvern attack.. A large tower was built around the location of the gate.

With the importing of unusual animals and jewels, the town soon grew into a large city. The king even had a palace built there for when he wished to stay in the city. Without any large predators, the people of the city decided to try and build other small settlements. They encountered little resistance and moved out, discovering more and more unusual animals and even more jewels. Fiefdoms rose in each of the cities but each remained loyal to the king of Kyrn.

Ever since that time the planet has been at peace and thriving, still supporting their home kingdom back on Celeste. After the peace was established between the Wyverns and humans of Celeste, some Wyverns even came to New Kyrn to live in peace.

New Kyrn (3)

New Kyrn map


The planetary population, being citizens of the Kyrn Kingdom, are extremely loyal to their king and queen as well as the lords that rule over them in each of the towns. Each city, town or village, has a lord appointed by the king to rule over them. For the most part, each lord treats his subjects with fairness and upholds the laws to the fullest extent.

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