The planet of New Terra is a part of the Unified Galactic Republic. Settlement occurred slightly before the colonization of Zaramor. New Terra was once the capital of the Peleunsk galaxy, with the current seat being Heria. New Terra has its economic sectors primarily based in heavy industry and communications. The ores found on the planet are exported for shipbuilding and other purposes. New Terrans are often jealous of Herians because of the shift of the seat of government.


Prior to human colonization, no sentient species inhabited the planet. New Terra was founded in 2129 CE. Settlement was done by the human species from Earth (specifically the United States, although other people came from different nations). The program to settle New Terra came from the "Distant Horizon" operation, which spearheaded colonization in the M 110 and Andromeda galaxies apart from the Milky Way.

The first town was erected and established in 2130 with cities slowly being built up in the next 100 years. Some civil disputes rose up, specifically the Battle of Orr's Ridge in 2193 CE. The battle stemmed from an initial push to be independent from the weak connection to the United States. A desire to be independent also came from the fact that New Terra was situated in another galaxy, quite far from Earth itself. Eventually, in order to stem (or quell) the uprisings, full independence was given one year later in 2194.

A planetary republic was announced after the population grew to a size of 3.2 billion in 2346 CE. The move was hailed and cheered by many people. Also, after the successful settlement of other planets in the galaxy, a motion to build a galactic seat of government was inaugurated. New Terra finished the capitol building for the (pre-unification) "Galactic Republic" in 2410 CE. The planet's population grew because of this as well.

Eventually, the central sector of the M 110 became colonized and one planet in particular started to outgrow the rest within the galaxy. Heria became the most powerful planet politically and economically around 5988 CE. Due to this central location and power status, a majority vote to relocate the galactic capital from New Terra was made. The move prompted an isolation of the New Terran people and thus set off a miniature war with the new capital.

The conflict was called the "Placement War" (5991-5992 CE), as the impetus of the fighting was around the location of the galactic capital. Eventually the fighting subsided. New Terra was forgiven by most of the members of the galaxy and was readmitted into the now Unified Galactic Republic.

In recent years, New Terra has stayed steady in economic growth and in industrial development. Healthcare services are a minority industry on the planet, but growing at a steady rate.

Physical Characteristics

Temperature: 24°C

Diameter: 7988.96 km

Solar Day: Infinite (tidally locked), but if you wish to imagine otherwise, then so be it.

Orbital Period: 7.536 Earth-days


  1. Scene of a New Terra river and ocean.
  2. Scene of a New Terra mountain.
  3. Scene of a mountain ridge.
  4. Scene of same mountain ridge, but with flat plain left over from a dry lake bed.
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