The planet of New Terra is a world in the M110 galaxy. It was the first planet colonized by the United States government in 2120 CE, thus predating the colonization of Zaramor. New Terra was the first capital planet of the Unified Galactic Republic (UGR), before Heria (planet) carried the mantle in 4711 CE. New Terra is technologically advanced, but conservative politicians have ensured that air automobile, and ship travel have remained closely related to transportation on Earth in the twenty-first century. Today, New Terra remains an active member of the UGR and retains a lot of clout politically.


New Terra was founded by human pioneers in 2120 CE from the United States of America. The program was spearheaded by Mission Verita, which sought to put humans on an Earth-like planet (not finished, I HOPE to not take a long time getting back)

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