Nexus of Humanity

The current flag of the NoH.


The Nexus of Humanity is a relatively new and "powerful" nation, that resides on the fringes of the Milky Way. As the name of the nation suggests, it is manly human-centric and populated mostly by human colonists, even though some alien species can be found with free will. Many describe it as an "authoritarian and neo-fascist theocracy", due to how there is one leader (Supreme Leader Ixxenos) and the large influences from Neoxian Christianity. The Nexus has recently been conducting massive terraforming operations in its spatial area, using Terragen contracts obtained years ago to settle planets quickly and efficiently. The population of the Nexus is nearing 100 billion, only after 26 years. This is due to the introduction of artificial wombs, cloning, and massive advertisement for citizenship. The capital is Ixxena Zenith, in the Ixxena system (RS 8414-1570-2-18-21).

Territory and Borders


The territory of the Nexus, with the Ixxena system in the epicenter.

The "official territory" of the Nexus (in which all possible planets in the area have sufficient terraforming and population) consists of a sphere in space that is 16 light years in radius, or 32 light years in diameter. For another 16 light years in added radii are systems that have been selected or are currently undergoing terraforming.

Even though the Confederacy of Humanity technically holds sway over most of the entire galaxy, the Nexus still maintains full sovereignty.


The Nexus of Humanity is a single-party, singe-leader authoritarian autocracy with theocratic elements. Citizens that harshly disobey the law and/or defame the government are harshly punished. Also, due to having Neoxian Christianity as a large principle, there is a lot of anti-Neo-Norse and anti-theistic sentiment. Alas, the Nexus does not discriminate on immigrants to their nation, nor those who are aliens or different religions other than Neo-Norse and other paganisms.

It is currently led by a Supreme Leader, in which said leader is currently Ixxenos (Matthias Ixxenon Malasaf).


The Nexus of Humanity runs on an economy of mining, manufacturing, farming, technology, and even some elements of organized crime. For mining, insignificant asteroids orbiting stars and planets are reaped for their minerals and ore. As for manufacturing, the Nexus produces high-quality chemicals and locomotive parts for ships and fuel. Food of all types are grown in allocated planets & sanctioned government fields. Superb (but still not full-fledged) AI, networks, supercomputers, and communication services are also provided. In the organized crime aspect, much like the Cult of the Black Sun, the Nexus leeches profit from blackmailing and bribing corrupt Confederacy officials from nearby stellar regions. They also traffic weaponry, ships, drugs, and sometimes criminals.

For currency, the Nexus currently uses the C-Unit, although a new Nexus currency is currently in the works.

Population and Demographics

The Nexus of Humanity has a population of 100 billion, as of 10000 CE. This is due to the large-scale introduction of basic cloning, artificial womb services, and massive attempts to advertise jobs in their territory to foreigners. Clones are used for low-end jobs, such as mining and farming, while those born from artificial wombs are considered "normal". Immigrants from other systems usually start off doing clone jobs, before being handpicked for more intensive or administrative tasks.

The alien population in the Nexus of Humanity is quite low, although they are now mainly attracted via massive job prospects. Plans to give aliens full rights in all fields are currently in the works.

The population is assumed to be 90% Christian, with the 10% belonging to other religions or being alien with their native beliefs. Atheism is generally uncommon, as saying that you are so usually ends up in defamation.

The Military & Wars

The Nexus of Humanity in 10000 CE has not seen much conflict since its conception. Nevertheless, the Nexus maintains a relatively large ground and space force, ready to repel interstellar (or possibly, even intergalactic) threats on the home-front. The number of men, ships, and vehicles is currently confidential. Many speculate that the Nexus navy utilizes retired designs of many Confederacy vessels, all the while creating blueprints for their own. If this is the case, the Nexus will be able to quickly expand in the near future past their 32 light-year borders.

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