Nioak from space. In the background, you can see bright, giant stars only a few light years away.

Nioak (RSC 8409-1177-4-2270-32 4 in beta patch 5) is a temperate E-Class planet, located at the center of the Milky Way.

It is the homeworld of the Nioleks, an early-Type II civilization and one of the three civilizations in the Core Worlds Alliance. They were one of the first starfaring civilizations to know the Orion War had been declared in 9056.

The planet orbits a G9 V type star at a distance of 0.828 AU with an orbital period of 296.8 days. This places the planet within the habitable zone, although experiencing cold temperatures of -18.3 celsius, it is still habitable. Oceans of water are kept in their liquid state because of the warm temperatures at the equator.


Nioak is the fourth planet from its sun. The solar system is 7.131 billion years old, far older than the Sol System. Just like the Earth, it is on a 23 degree axial tilt, giving its seasons similar to the Earth and mostly predictable weather. It is orbited by eight moons, including one large S-Class moon, which stabilizes its axial tilt.


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