Nioleks are an early-Type II civilization found on their homeworld Nioak.

Physical Description

Nioleks evolved on a planet with 0.85 g, giving them a thin legs and arms and being as tall as 2.6 meters. They breathe in through a three nostril nose. They can live for, on average, about 85 to 110 years.


They first Nioleks appeared on Nioak about 2.4 million years ago as small, monkey-like creatures with a bioluminescent light on their hands to help them see in the dark. Today, they no longer have this light on their hands.

Entering their Stone Age almost 1 million years ago, it lasted for 990,000 thousand years until about 10,000 years ago when they entered the age of technology.

They discovered the technologies to leave their planet about 500 years ago, sending probes and manned spacecraft outside their atmosphere for centuries. They also built space stations. They left their solar system over 100 years ago, sending a probe to the planet Gioka. They discovered Humanity on 5th May 9056, the date the First Galactic War began.

They came close to extinction during the First Galactic War when the Giokans destroyed most of their colonies. However, Humanity and other starfaring civilizations offered to trade resources and help rebuild their colonies. They now have a population (as of 10,000 C.E) of 120 million and increasing by two million every year.

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