Nion is a large, rocky world located in the Carina Nebula. It is one of the most remarkable planets found in the area, as it bears extreme similarities to Earth. It is also home to Nionis Protocarinae B., the most dominant form of life on the planet. The species is unicellular and inhabits the oceans of the planet, normally residing in thermal vents nearer the sea floor.


Nion's history is shrouded in mystery as are many objects in the cosmos, but a few key things are known. Nion formed approximately 2.7 billion years ago around its parent star and its two dwarf moons are thought to be captured asteroids from about 0.9 billion years later. Nion used to be a hellscape like early Earth but, with time, cooled into a much more hospitable planet.

Around 1.4 billion years ago, water-rich asteroids impacted the planet. The ice the asteroids carried soon melted and formed the oceans of the planet. It is here than Nion's history becomes murky as there are two competing theories as to how life formed on this planet. One on hand, many people believe the planet formed just like Earth and went on to become a much more hospitable world. Others believe that early Nion, while still somewhat similar to modern Earth in some regards, may have been vastly different in other aspects, such as its atmosphere. There is evidence that suggest the First Civilisation was present on the planet around this time. Most of this group believe that the First Civilisation terraformed the planet, possibly as some form of experimentation, which gave it its somewhat "hospitable" atmosphere. More and more evidence is being found planet-side, which only strengthens this theory.

In 3008, the Carina Nebula was first visited with Nion being a candidate for exploration. Like many space-related projects, funding was cut and Nion was removed from the list of planets to explore. The planet would remain untouched for another century, which was when the Neo-Norse people began exploring the nebula.

The planet was finally colonised in 3143 CE, with domed cities being built across the planet.


Nion hosts a variety of sentient lifeforms, including (but not limited to) Humans, Zythyn, Th'ega, Aldorians, Xcathli, Shevins and Conyth. This diverse mix is mostly due to the fact that Nion is one of the economic powerhouses of the Carina Nebula, offering plenty of jobs to people of all backgrounds. Most of the population on Nion live in large dome cities, with the rest (mostly being Th'ega and Shevins) living in "iceberg" cities in the planet's oceans. Details regarding the composition of the population can be found below.

  • Zythyn: 43.2% of the population of Nion are Zythyn. This is likely due the atmospheric composition of Nion, being perfect for life like the Zythyn. Another reason is because Nion is (relatively) incredibly close to Earth, making it useful for trade.
  • Th'ega: 33.2% (or 9.62 million) of the population on Nion are Th'ega. This is due to similar reasons to those of the Zythyn, such as atmospheric composition, higher paid jobs and political importance. For the Th'ega Federation, Nion acts as an embassy to the Confederacy of Borealis. Due to their limited technologies, only the most advanced warp drives of the Federation are capable of travelling the space between Nion and Earth, hence why they located their embassy here.
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