Niphf’cha (1)

The first colony world of the Un’rin. Discovered by humanity in 9998 in the Drake Galaxy.


A cold D-Class world, this planet (RS 0-6-229376-1349-912-8-10208722-96 in 9.7.4 beta patch 5), a neighboring world to Cervan and part of a brown dwarf and white dwarf binary system, has a diameter of 15513.95 km the planet has a gravitational index of 0.7 G. It orbits its star once every 87.8 terrestrial days and has a long day length of 12.1 days. It has a semimajor axis of 0.17 AU.

It has one moon which also supports life, Hach’yia. Along with the system the planet is 5.5 billion years old.


With an axial tilt of 90°40’ the wobble of the planet is vast, meaning that for half a season a side can be in total darkness while the others side is bathed in light. There is barely any atmosphere, the pressure at what could be considered sea level being 0.12 ATM, although after the Un’rin began colonization they began to terraform it to suite their purposes. It has a mean temperature of -74.1 °C

Despite being a desert world it does rain on occasion and there are even massive hurricanes. The water evaporates from small pools that form when underground rivers overflow onto the surface or when a sudden earthquake shakes some of the ice on the far side over to the sunlit side.


The life on this planet has adapted to live through the swift seasons of the planet and the ever changing light and darkness. They have become resilient to the radiation from their sun. Most are in fact a silicon based lifeform, one of the few ever discovered.

Niphf’cha (2)

Map of Niphf’cha

There is a lifeform that could be considered sub-sapient which the Un’rin have taken and made into a sort of slave in their caste system. They’ve called them the Riyn. Larger but shorter than their Un’rin masters and about as intelligent as dolphins are they were bred to become slightly more intelligent and serve currently as a labor force for their masters, in some cases even as something akin to maids and butlers in the homes of richer Un’rin.

In order to survive the heavier gravity of the planet the Un’rin genetically bred their offspring to be shorter but stouter than themselves, creating a new caste.

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