The Nirirendinites are an early embryonic species of bipedal semi-humanoid violaceae organisms native to planet Nirirenda of the Ambrosia Core region in the Ambrosia Galaxy that has existed from 200,000,000 BCE to the present year.


The Nirirendinites are a species that, much alike their home world, as remained a mystery to the wider Ambrosia Galaxy. Their simple existence has remained undisturbed for hundreds of millions of years, but despite this, they have barely advanced throughout the typical technological stages a species usually does. Instead, they seem perfectly content in existing in small communities, lacking even the ability to manipulate something as simple as electricity. As a result, no extra-planetary intelligent species has been made privy to their existence to this day.

Despite this, the Nirirendinites share their home world with another intelligent species, the Trus-Jrak', which live on the island of Nevon off the southern coast of Niuvia, the continent in which the Nirirendinites inhabit. Though the two species are aware of each other's existences, they have not interacted very often, instead, they mostly just ignore each other, continuing to live on separate landmasses.

Their overall existence is colored by an overwhelming theocratic nature, almost as if its built directly into their genetic code. Each and every Nirirendinite holds a divine reverence for some sort of supernatural voice that guides them throughout their entire lives. Who, or what this voice is can only be known to the Nirirendinite as they lack the both the ability to speak to others outside of their kind, but also any individuals who are not Nirirendinites.

Sadly, the Nirirendinites seem to be living on borrowed time as their life expectancy grow shorter and shorter with the increasing radiation inflicted upon them their native world's parent star(s). This has left them with both extremely brittle bodies and minds, so much so that it is not uncommon for a Nirirendinite to just slump over and die randomly. If nothing comes to intervene, then it is very likely that the Nirirendinites, along with all life on Nirirenda, will succumb to the hostile nature of the stars they orbit in just a million standard years, joining Ambrosia's endless cosmological graveyard.

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