The inhabitants of Chu-Raa.

Physical Description

Having to adapt to a thin atmosphere and gravity twice as strong as Earth, the natives, who call themselves Nok’Chu-Raa, or the Children of the World when translated to English, are, despite their alien origins, somewhat humanoid in appearance. They are lumbering but strong and intelligent beings. Their language is the simplest to understand so human observers have picked up most of the history of their system from the Nok’Chu-Raa.

They stand nearly half as tall as a standard terrestrial  human, the Nok’Chuu-Raa have thick coats of black fur all over their short stout bodies. They have two thick legs like those of a terrestrial elephant but not as big, a thick torso, two powerful furry arms with four prehensile digits, and a large head. It has a large snout similar to a pig but longer like that of an elephant. Their two large black eyes are capable of seeing over longer distances than humans.

A carnivorous species, most of the food that the Nok’Chu-Raa eat comes from the bountiful oceans, while the water comes from freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. They do eat some of the land animals but not often as there is only so much room.


Currently the Nok’Chu-Raa are at a technological and cultural level similar to that of 27th century Earth aside from a working FTL drive which the latest reports state they are currently working on. Thanks to their technology they can live twice as long as they normally could, which was around forty to fifty local years.

They live in societies similar to a democratic republic, each one living on different island continents as well as as small islands. However, the major world powers have since reached a truce similar to MAD with their own nuclear arsenal. They have practically conquered their entire system, or at least Starbright A which is why they are developing FTL.

There is a current population of 7 billion spread out across their system.

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