Noma as seen from orbit

Noma (or RS 1186-1407-7-504695-91 4 in is a warm E-Class in the Andromeda galaxy and a colony of the Clospet.


Noma is located in the Micre system and orbits it as the fourth planet. It supports both marine and terrestial life. It's semimajor axis from Micre is 0.509 AU. It is around 11.4 billion years old and has a total of six moons, one of them is a temperate D-Class world.


Noma has a diameter of 19378 km with a mean temperature of 101°C. It orbits itself in 1.033 Earth days. It orbits it's parent star in 155.722 Earth days.


Noma's atmosphere consists of 68% nitrogen, 31.9% oxygen and 0.1% carbon dioxide. Like on Belef, water vapors quickly resulting in many clouds.


Surface diff-2

Map of Noma

Life on Noma developed independently from the Clospet. However, not many lifeforms survived the last mass extinction on the planet which occurred one million years ago. Ten thousand years ago, the Clospet colonized the planet due to it's natural occurrence of uranium, which they use to power their ships.

Being the closest colony to Belef, Noma is the official political center of the Clospet. However, some politicians are being under arrest on Kito, another colony of the Clospet, for trying to make the planet independent to Belef.

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