"One of the Thirteen Founding Planets of the Intergalactic Federation, It is the oldest of them all, predating any world of this Nation. It's singularity lies on its people, that have a particular culture, and are for the most part, gentle and caring individuals, who took millions of people escaping war, hunger, force expulsion and disaster, just as they were expelled once from their homes very long time ago." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

Nova its a Terran World, of the E-Class type, that lies in the Sedei System, located in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy, and deep in Herschel Space. It is one of the thirteen founders of the Intergalactic Federation, to which it belongs to this day. The planet is the oldest settled planet in the I.F, and was for about a milenia, an independent republic.

The Planet was settled by expelled citizens of the Union, who did not agree on making the Implantation of the Gift, (As is known the parasite used by this nation) mandatory to everyone by law once they reach adulthood and in order to conceive a child, in which both parents should be infected. They were either against the parasite implantation, or wanted it to be implanted at will and not by law in adulthood. This dissidents were a minority and they were forcibly expelled from the nation. This people were forced to look for a new home, and they settled in the Akai Nebulae, then a far area in the unknown regions of the Lewis Galaxy but under early intensive exploration by Humanity and the Galactic Powers by the time. Nova was one of the first planets found suitable for mankind in the Nebulae, and so, the dissidents departed and settled in Nova.

It's the oldest Planet to be settled. During the early days of the Union, back in the foundation of that nation in 90,190CE, it became compulsory for everyone to have the parasite in their bodies. Those that refused, had to leave the nation. Those few that did not accept this, left the Union territory and travelled to a far away planet. They settled in it and called their new home Nova. In Nova, they remained quite isolate for a thousand years. During this milenia, they colonized later on the planet known as Mirdan. Both planets kept independent from each other although relations and commerce between the two remained due to their far away distance from the economic hubs of the Union and the Empire. They organised themselves into planetary republics. By 93,820 CE, Relations where open with the Empire of Mankind prior to the war against the Union.

The Union even conscious of their existence, remained quite indifferent to this two republics. Nova served as a neutral area for both nations, but specially for activity from the Empire, since the Union has always been despised by its inhabitants. During the war between the Empire and the Union, many refugees came first to this neutral Planets seeking a new place to start again from the destruction cause in their homeworlds. Soon refugees made more than half of the population of the planet. Measures were taken, and many started to settled in the life abundant planets of the region nearby, close to the Akai Nebulae. Nova has a diversified economy. It holds the main military educational institutions and training centers of the Federation. It holds as well many businesses and technological train, vehicles and transport manufacturing centers. Its as well the main center for engines technology development and production.

Most of the Settlers from Nova came from either Isso and its system and some other recent colonies.



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