The Novum Imperium Rōmānum is a galaxy spanning human run empire formed in 3722 by a the descendants of a misplaced scientific colony attempting to investigate a faster means of FTL. The nominal center of government is Nova Roma.


In 3112 a group of FTL experts gathered and began research on what they called hyperdrive technology, which involved piercing a subsection of space. The

Formed from the ashes of the Nova Roma Republica, the New Roman Republic began its conquest of the galaxy years after the invasion of the Hovor. Reverse engineering Hovor technology, the empire built their first interstellar starships and began setting out to conquer their galaxy. Over the next few hundred years they subjugated dozens of races and made them loyal slave races.

in 5231 the Empire had managed to conquer over a small portion of their home galaxy and had settled and terraformed many worlds, some even dedicated to their various deities. They learned that the Hovor may have appeared to be a benevolent race who welcomed all into their interstellar band of worlds, but some survivors of Hovor invasions described them as monsters who would wipe out any race that the Hovor deemed a threat. The Hovor controlled nearly the entire galaxy. Enraged, the Caesar at the time declared that the Hovor should not be allowed to exist anymore. He conscripted many of their slave races to fight in the army, teaching the aliens (which the humans of Nova Roma called Barbarians) how to use their advanced technology and developing armor and weapons specifically for them. Many Hovor slaves refused to fight their own kind and as such were executed.

In the beginning of the war against the Hovor, the Empire suffered heavy defeats at the hands of the Hovor, but after a few key victories at Hovor outposts the Empire managed to download massive amounts of information on the Hovor government, battle tactics, technology etc. With this information the Empire began building massive warships, continuously reverse engineering the Hovor technology and even improving on it.

This turned the tide of the war in the Empire's favor and soon the Hovor had fallen back. Within the next few decades many worlds that had been under the Hovor's so called protection had been subjugated by the Empire until in 5391 the final battle over the skies of the Hovor homeworld took place. The Empire glassed the planet.

After the near extinction of the Hovor, there was a massive political reform in the Empire. Most of the Barbarian slaves were freed and allowed to return to their homeworlds. The Caesar then made a speech that, unlike the Hovor, he would spread the wings of true protection over the entire galaxy and make sure another race like the Hovor never rose again. Nearly every race saved by the Empire petitioned to join the Empire. They were accepted and were allowed to become citizens. Thus the second Pax Romana came into being. The only slaves left were criminals, as instead of jailing them anyone convicted of a crime was sentenced to a certain number of years of servitude to another, rebellion meaning death.

In the beginning of their history they viewed alien Barbarians as beneath them and worthy of subjugation, but the Caesar who started the war with the Hovor managed to curb the racism of Roman citizens a bit. While racism still existed it wasn't as prevalent in the latter years of the empire.

When contact with the Confederacy was reestablished, the Imperium and Confederacy began the talks to merge their two societies under one government. In 10022 they signed a treaty and became close allies. Over ten years later the Emperor and imperial senate applied for Confederacy membership, adding much needed manpower to the Confederacy. The Imperium was involved in the First Intergalactic War on the side of the Confederacy and in many of the wars the Confederacy was involved in since.

As of 200000 they are still the dominant government in their home galaxy.

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