Nueva Terra is a temperate E-class moon in an elliptical orbit around the gas giant, Aerio Pelota in the 111 Tauri system.


Nueva Terra along with 2 other moons were discovered in 2050 and was one of the first worlds that Humanity colonized. The Frontier probe entered the 111 Tauri system in 2110 and began to examine Aerio Pelota's moons. The one that caught interest was a temperate E-class world in second orbit from the gas giant. Frontier deployed a small automated lander which was equipped with a small robotic rover and snapped many photos of the surface that were sent back to Earth.

Due to its appearance and climate, scientists decided to name it Nueva (meaning new in Spanish) Terra (meaning Earth in Latin).

After that, plans were made to send some colony ships there in hopes to colonize and eventually terraform it.

A few colony domes were built in 2163 and colonists were required to wear a type of suit as the atmosphere is unsafe for Humans to breathe. However, various terraforming stations were established around the planetoid in order to pump Oxygen into the atmosphere to one day make it fully breathable and eventually seed plants across the continents.

No indigenous life has been found on the surface, making it the perfect place to terraform without harming any native life however scientists theorize that there could be lifeforms deep within its oceans.

Nueva Terra's mountain ranges offer a plethora of hiking as well as cinematic views of the sunrises and sunsets.

The gas giant, Aerio Pelota can create stunning views of the sky, especially at night when Nueva Terra orbits in front of it.

Colonists could rent vehicles called Land-buggies which would allow them to traverse and have fun on the slopes and hills. Each buggy came equipped with a detachable homing GPS incase anyone stranded too far from any of the colonies which they were strongly advised to stay near.

It was fully terraformed by the year 3009


Nueva Terra's continents were barren lifeless deserts prior to terraforming. Many slopes, hills and mountain ranges can be found on its surface. There are also active volcanoes as well as a few hurricanes.

Points of interest

Gryphon Peak

Paradise Canyon

Twilight Range


Nueva Terra terraformed

Nueva Terra fully terraformed

Gryphon Peak

Gryphon Peak, a popular mountain range on Nueva Terra.


Aerio Pelota in the sky above Twilight Range makes for a gorgeous view.


An early photo of Nueva Terra, before it was terraformed.

Aerio Pelota

Aerio Pelota, the gas giant that Nueva Terra orbits around.


Nueva Terra orbiting in front of Aerio Pelota.


First photo of Nueva Terra's surface, taken by an autonomous lander.

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