The Nuq'Ak is a Mid type-II species consisting of three major nations Ngy'Pru, Rva'va and Uktaosh. They originated on the planet of Hainrola.

In total, they control about 900 planets and moons in various systems by 10,000 CE.


The Nuq'Aks evolved on Hainrola and quickly became its dominant species. After a long period of time on their planet, their interstellar expansion began in 8,921 CE with their discovery of the warp drive. Prior to it, they had begun colonizing their own system for five centuries.

Within the first century they had established 7 colonies outside from their system.However, due to them being used to warm pressures and dense atmospheres, they had difficulties on terraforming planets and hence their expansion was less exponential than that of the humans. Still, by 10,000 CE they had conquered most systems within 20 light years with outposts and newly-established colonies as far as 35 light years away.

Due to their home location in the galactic outer rim, the Nuq'Aks needs to travel further for colonization, also further lagging their advance into the galaxy.

Nuqak territory

Location of Nuq'Ak homeworld and territory within their galaxy.

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