The Nurgane is a Type 7 civilization from another universe.Their main goal is to conquer the whole three dimensional plane of our multiverse. They have managed to build vast weapons capable of destroying galaxies with one shot, manipulating timelines, and screwing up time to a certain degree - sadly all ineffective inside the Linearities, due to the Time Force not being present there. They have conquered approximately 3.5 million universes outside the Linearity and have managed to throw an eye on the Space Engine universe, where they got driven out rather quickly.

They originate three and a hafl billion years after the replacement of chaos, or 5.7 billion years after the Cascade. Due to this, they are not resistant to chaos, unlike most races, the most notable being the grofix and humans, the only two able to fight the Chaos. 

The Nurgane are bitter enemies of the grofix. They have clashed many times, leading to catastrophic results that have deeply impacted the humans there. The nurgane have attempted numerous times to control Terra, the only human colony outside the Linearities. However, it remains a key point on the battlefield. The humans there have sided with the grofix, but their technology is limited, as their colony was dropped off in the year 2400. They have made little progress since, sadly, making them dependent on the grofix for protection. 


Unlike most lifeforms, the Nurgane are not chemically based. Their being alive depends on all four of the forces - strong, weak, gravitational, and electromagnetic. Additionally, they are unable to transmit to Plane Four, making them unable to vacate - the key to defeating and avoiding the Chaos. Even though they are not chemically based, the Nurgane have a similar anatomy to humans - they even look a lot like us, save the green skin. 

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