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Inhabitants of the distant planet Arydia about thirty eight thousand light years away.

Known scientifically as Nya Orionis, they are the dominant and most technological species of Arydia. They first appeared approximately 440,000 years ago just after the eradication of a serious disease.



Nylex (scientifically Nya Orionis) are creatures with a humanoid shape similar to the Kya on the ice moon Europa. Their heads are slightly taller at the back with razar-sharp spikes for the purpose of defending their heads and, more importantly, their brain-like organ that keeps them alive. Arms are equiped a set of wings that helps them glide through the atmosphere in windy conditions.

Almost thirty thousand years ago, their ancestors - which are part of the Nya family - were widespread across the globe, all existing at the same time with very little knowledge of each other. Until about twenty seven thousand years ago, most of them had mysteriously become extinct. Some scientists have led to the conclusion that they all sparked the first recorded war on the planet which had led to the extinction of most of the Nya ancestors, except for Nya Orionis.

Nya Orionis grow to a height of 5 ft (1.5 meters) with an expected life span of 60 years for both genders. Due to offspring normally being produced at around the age of 50 years, the parents are usually not around long enough to protect their offspring, for a maximum of a decade and then left alone to further develop new traits and independence.


Internally, they are equiped with a range of different organs for various different purposes. The organs that are for senses, include their two, purple-glowing gem-like eyes for sight, their small attached ears for sound and a mouth for consuming meat or fruit. Some are for reproductive purposes although reproduction only occurs once every fifty years. 



Nylex life begins in a very unusual place; the Great Lakes of Trithia. At this point in time, they appear as mermaids with no legs but a meter-long tail to help them move through the water at fantastic speeds; fast enough to catch a fish at quarter of a kilometer away. Until about seventy five thousand years ago, the first writing had been carved on the side of a mountain, also the location of a two million year old starship. 

Ten thousand years ago, Nylex initiated the development of tribes and incredibly small villages. Forests began being destroyed for its source of an extremely strange wood-like substance and begun the earliest phases of climate change on the entire planet.


Throughout the evolution, Nylex, or more specifically Nya Orionis, had produced hybrid offspring for nearly a thousand years until the hybrids, now known scientifically as Haila Orionis, dispersed across the planet and grew their civilisation for another thousand years until finally they became extinct during an ancient volcanic winter.

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