Nysha is the eighth planet orbiting Aolia in the Aolia system. It is a frigid titan that harbors exotic life, and was the third planet in Bayle's cloud identified to have life (from SCART), after Davon and Klast. It is also one of the coldest known planets to harbour life, but is nowhere as cold as Nemphortick. (Nemphortick is about as cold a living planet as you can get)

It is classified as a T-Class world.


Life on Nysha is mostly single-celled bacteria which thrive in every environment, but have been greatly expanded in size due to the extremely cold temperatures. However, there is a significant shortage of multicellular and complex organisms. Research from the human colony established here also shows significant radioactivity in the rocks present, which suggests a theory:

There was once an intelligent civilisation present on Nysha which detonated a massive nuclear bomb in the process of a war, 2.8 billion years ago. That nuclear bomb had a power of 213, 548 megatons of TNT, which wiped out the whole civilisation and killed a large part of the animal and plant kingdom at that time.

This is not 100% certain, though.

Nysha has a human colony established. Initially, it was just a crew of 6 people, but more and more came here until today, there are about 1.1 billion people, forming a few large cities on the vast majority of islands that dot thts planet.


Nysha has 4 moons. The innermost one, Nepati, resembles a super-cold moon (before it was terraformed), with just 12% Earth's gravity. The other 3 are asteroids.

Ring system

Nysha has a thin ring system, thought to have been formed after an asteroid moon broke up in its roche limit.

Surface diff-1567244034

Map of Nysha.

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