The O'odham system (RS 8414-1353-6-129247-122) is a binary star system located about 7,500 light-years away from Sol. It is the defined center of the surrounding O'odham Space Sector which holds two human colonies along with several outposts.


The Milky Way as backdrop for the binary system.


The Barycenter of the system is visible at RA 7h15m46s.79 and declination -29o31'40".52 relative to Sol, in the constellation Canis Majoris. Galactically, it is located somewhat above the plane of the Milky Way hence resulting in a noticeably different star density in the surrounding sky.

Exploration & History

For some reason, direct exploration of the system was limited to distant observations, perhaps because of the low population density in the sector. Nevertheless, Project Anaximander had this system as one of the higher-priority systems to explore, and the system was fully charted by 9968.

There are no permanent human colonies located in this system, save for a single partially-manned heliocentric station which is not crewed full-time. The lack of an asteroid belt, strategic value from proximity to a major colony, or particularly profitable resources discouraged colonists from settling. The more recent establishment of the Kohadk-Pacuan Wormhole, however, have led the Confederacy of Humanity to consider colonizing the system.


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