Located only 3Mly from the Ida Galaxy, the galaxy known as the Oberon's Eye Dwarf, or RG 0-9-88682041-2141 (as of 0.980), is the closest of its galactic neighbours. Named for it's shape, it is an E7 class galaxy. It is only 6886.78ly in diameter, consisting of 37 million stars. As the first galaxy to be properly colonised by the Conqrix, it has become a major population centre for the Conqrix Dominion.

Oberon's Eye


For most of the Eye's history, it was dead space in terms of civilisations i.e. no sentient populations of any kind. There is evidence that an outside force, older than the Dominion, had called this dwarf galaxy a part of its vast intergalactic empire, but whoever they were, they are long gone, with only ruins remaining as a testimony to their existence.

For the Conqrix, the Eye was a source of wonder, similar to the Oberon's Shield dwarf galaxy. Long had it been in their mythologies as the eye of their War God, Oberon. Claiming the Eye as their own was a resounding achievement for their race, becoming the first galaxy they colonised. Even millennia after the initial colonisation efforts, Conqrix tourists and citizens come to the Eye, to awe at it's magnificence and gaze at the ancient ruins that dot various outer systems.

Place in Conqrix Mythology

The War God Oberon was rumoured to have been the mightiest of the many gods that made up the Conqrix pantheon. He was stated to have wielded many weapons, from a mighty sword to a bow that never missed. He was also said to have had an eye that never needed to blink, and was the source of his magnificent aim. It was said that he used this eye to watch over his loyal followers, and to choose his champions.

The dwarf galaxy is an unblinking eye that watched over the primitive Conqrix people when they were still bound to Idaris. Now, it is a favoured tourist and migration spot, with countless billions coming and going from the galaxy.

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