Named for its striking appearance, the galaxy known as Oberon's Shield is an E0 class galaxy. With a diameter of 3991.44ly, it is incredibly small in galactic terms. This size has earned it the name of the

Oberon's Shield

Oberon Dwarf. Containing 190 million stars, it is one of the closest to the Ida Galaxy, and the Conqrix Dominion, the closest being the Oberon's Eye dwarf galaxy.


Other than its unusual size, the Oberon Dwarf is unremarkable in every other way, yet seems to hold some kind of significance to the Conqrix, so much so that they have turned it into a kind of fortress galaxy.

When they first developed wormhole drives, the early Conqrix explorers set their sights on this dwarf galaxy. When the first wave of colony ships and cruisers arrived, they found a galaxy strangely devoid of life. This didn't concern them, however, and in a few thousand years, the entire galaxy was converted. Now, it is the most heavily defended place within the Dominion, aside from the capital, Idaris.


Given the fact that the Conqrix had many millennia to build up the Shield into the fortress galaxy it is today, the defences it boasts are nothing sort of overwhelming.

Massive orbital platforms litter many star systems, armed to the teeth with the latest in plasma lance and phased laser weaponry. In addition, colossal ground-based cannons exist on many worlds, capable of obliterating smaller starships, and breaking larger capital ships in half. Gravity well generators also dot various star systems, forming a kind of capture net that contains intruders until the galaxy's immense fleet can arrive and destroy them.

In addition, orbital shipyards armed with specially designed nanomachines can produce an endless wave of starships, from the smallest fighter to the largest dreadnought.

In sort, Oberon's Shield is nearly impenetrable. Many have tried to breach it, and all have failed.

In Conqrix Mythology

The Conqrix have a vast and rich mythology, full of many inexplicable beings. Chief among them is the War God, Oberon.

It is said that Oberon walked into battle with a mighty axe and a steadfast, impenetrable round shield. Wearing a powerful, intricate armour, he would smite all in his path, blocking attacks no other shield could. Whilst the Conqrix have since shaken off the shackles of myth and have embraced a more rational, if still excessively violent view of the world, they have done their ancestors honour and named this dwarf galaxy after an aspect of their chief deity.


  • The author of this article, and all articles concerning the Conqrix and their history, is fully aware that the Conqrix originally come from Spore. The reference was intentional.
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