Oblate seen from Lorio Telescope. Age: Approximately 7 billion years old. Size: 326.16 Kly. Color: Purple and blue. Type: SBb

Oblato. A purple galaxy really far away from Milky Way.

Like It's cousin Sargonia. It is large. so large that it is

bigger than the Milky Way. It is 7 billion years old.

It was discovered in July, 11th, 2576.

When scientists saw a pink spot in space.

Scientists believe that the center rests a giant

supermassive blackhole 3 times that mass of the Central

black hole of Milky Way. It is also believed to have a weird

stormy planet at the edge of the galaxy.

Formation of Oblato.

Oblato was believed to be formed when 2 Supermassive blackhole Crashed into each other.

Creating a larger Supermassive blackhole. Then the black hole headed into a group of Dust and

Hydrogen. It began sucking matters until it became an Irregular galaxy. Then it began to

stabilize. When it was no longer irregular it turned from blue to grey. Then from grey to yellow

and from yellow to purple. The galaxy is now more stable and larger.



Sites of Oblato


Oblato 6.5 billion years ago.


Oblato 5.6 billion years ago.


Oblato 4.2 billion years ago.


Oblato 3.1 billion years ago.


Oblato 2.3 billion years ago


Oblato Now.


One of the Oblatonian Satellte. Ilonor I

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