The Ochi'an / Kari'an binary system is the native binary system of the Th'ega and their homeworld Kavla. Ochi'an is orbited by 10 planets and Kari'an is orbited by 7. Three celestial bodies are of note; Kavla, Xedia and Halka. Xedia is the third planet from Ochi'an and Halka orbits Chrano'an, a gas giant in the Ochi'an system


Both stars in the binary system formed in around 679 million BCE. They are both very young stars with Ochi'an expected to live for another 20 to 70 billion years, outliving the Sun, while Kari'an will only be stable for another 2 to 4 billion years. Based on current quantum computer models, it is expected that Kavla will remain relatively unaffected by its other stellar parent's death.

The planets of the binary system all formed at the same time as their parent stars.

RS-Designations for Celestial Bodies (.980)

  • Ochi'an - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B
  • Kari'an - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 A
  • Kavla - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B4
  • Xedia - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B3
  • Chrano'an - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B8
  • Halka - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B8.1
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