The Odysseus Galaxy (RG 0-7-937818-1610), located approximately 4.79 GLY from the Milky Way Galaxy, is an Sc-type galaxy discovered by Humanity in 9439 CE.

Pre-Contact History

The Odysseus Galaxy is roughly the same age as the Milky Way Galaxy, forming around 13.3 billion years ago. For much of it's history prior to it's discovery by Mankind, Odysseus was populated by a myriad of minor powers that rose and fell over the eons. However, the most notable of these powers was the Ikhvan, who, from the year 3942 BCE until their collapse in 1271 CE, held dominance over nearly a third of the galaxy. After that time, their species slowly died out, with only a few remaining when the first intrepid explorers from Earth reached the edge of the galaxy.


In the year 9439 CE, a science vessel, the SS Unity, commanded by Captain Niko Havan, arrived in the Odysseus Galaxy after stumbling into a wormhole. The Crew of the Unity found themselves near a nebula, now known as the "Havan Nebula" for the vessel's captain. For three years, they attempted to regain contact with Earth, maintaining their mission of exploration, although the location was different in the end. Along the way, they found many prime sites for future colonization and met many new species, but eventually, they were able to return home. Over the next three-hundred years, interest in the galaxy grew until The Intergalactic Confederacy eventually began an initiative to colonize the galaxy and bring it's many different races into the nation. Of course, it was not an easy task, with many conflicts starting within the galaxy, but by the year 12378 CE, the galaxy had, for the first time in eons, seen peace, with the majority of the galaxy's sentient lifeforms being brought into the Intergalactic Confederacy. In this time, the wormhole that had first brought mankind to the galaxy would be fully stabilized, whereas prior it would bring people to various other parts of the galaxy. The peace in the galaxy would, of course, not last as the First Galactic War broke out across the Local Group. Although not directly in the fighting, the conflict led to a refugee crisis that caused many to flee their homes for the relative safety of the Galaxy, bringing with them old grudges that had yet to be settled. Thus, the Odyssean Wars began.

The Odyssean Wars

In the year 13157, hundreds worlds within the Odysseus Galaxy declared their independence from the Intergalactic Confederacy, seeking to rid the galaxy of the refugees who had fled to their homes and in a bid to secure an independent Odysseus Galaxy. Under the "Charter of Unification", these worlds formed the "Odyssean Union", pledging to do whatever it took to secure their independence. As the Intergalactic Confederacy was more busy protecting it's borders against any potential threats from without, much of the conflict was fought by local security forces and private military companies while pirates preyed upon the weak. For the next three-hundred years, the Odysseus Galaxy, embroiled in chaos, tore itself to pieces while the Confederacy did absolutely nothing. Eventually, the war came to an end with the Odyssean Union being forced into the far fringes of the galaxy where it would stagnate and eventually collapse. With the war over, trillions had died and countless worlds had been devastated. For a time, it was believed that the Confederacy would simply abandon the galaxy, which, for all intents and purposes, it did. It had become clear that self-governance would be the best way to prevent a war on this scale from happening again, so the Confederacy gave much of the galaxy higher autonomy than would otherwise be permitted.

The Present Day

Over the millennia, the Odysseus Galaxy struggled to rebuild from the sheer devastation of the Odyssean Wars, however, eventually, it would be restored. As of the present, the Odysseus Galaxy is now a major hub of trade within it's region of the Galaxy, with many flocking to it in search of a better life. However, not all is well within the galaxy, as ancient rivalries long-since believed to have died out begin to flare up once more, and deep within the hearts of every Odyssean, there is a lingering fear that the galaxy shall face the hardship of the Odyssean Wars once more.

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