Ogan is a large, T-Class world with seas and rivers of liquid methane and an atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen. It orbits two small red dwarf stars every 3.6 years, followed by a group of twelve moons; two rocky-icy moons, Polgan and Modov, and ten asteroids.

The planet is also the home world of the Haels, a species seeking truth, peace and prosperity in the Universe. It is located in the Galvania galaxy about 56 million light years from Earth. It's also the capital world of the Hael Republic.

Life & Climate

Despite its frigid temperatures, Ogan has supported carbon and silicon-based lifeforms for billions of years. The land is covered in a layer of pink algae, while the sea floors have small desposits of it. The atmosphere is devoid of life, meaning no aerial life has evolved. 

Pod-like trees are dotted across the surface, which store nutrients and methane. During the night, the pods give off a gentle, white glow. 


Just like most planets, Ogan was formed about 9.1 billion years ago from a disk of dust and gas that orbited around the two infant suns. It also formed the largest moons, while the far-flung asteroids were captured millions of years later. The climate on Ogan eventually stabilised after a hundred million years. 

Over billions of years, the planet eventually developed two civilisations - separated by three billion years. The first civilisation appeared about 3 billion years ago, while the second one is currently alive and thriving. The Haels appeared about 2 million years ago, when they branched off from another species.

The Haels were widely known to the Galvania galaxy as deceptive and greedy during their galactic conquest. Around 110,000 CE, they picked up signals originating from Basaten, another frozen world about 13 thousand light years away. Their global republic was established some time afterwards, before they began their conquests. 

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