Okinawa (RS 8412-463-7-2003462-427 in 9.7.3.) is a temperate O-Class moon settled by the inhabitants of its sister world Yamato in 6027.


With a diameter of 9035.9 km, Okinawa has a gravitational index of 0.4 g. It has a semimajor axis of 880009.3 km from its parent planet, a cold ringed J-Class giant, which itself has a year length of 2,6 years. Okinawa's orbital period and rotational period used to be identical at 3.1 days until the rotation was increased.

It has a sister moon, a scorched D-Class world.


Okinawa had an atmospheric pressure of 6.4 ATM until terraformed and a mean temperature of -10.9 °C, which has since increased dramatically. It had an axial tilt of 103°28'.


Discovered in 5123 by the Confederate Survey Ship Oda Nobunaga, the world was studied along with its sister world Yamato for potential colonization. When Yamato was chosen as the preferred world, Okinawa was largely left alone save for a few scientific outposts.

Hundreds of years later, when the newest Emperor was elected in 5861, he set his sights on the ocean moon and started a campaign to build massive floating islands there. The world was lifeless still save for the now abandoned scientific outposts. Terraforming and seeding efforts began immediately, and the outposts were added on to. By the year 6020 terraforming was officially completed, but the planet was closed for seven years due to the new emperor not being interested in tourism. However, the clamor that the people made caused him to change his mind and the world was opened seven years later. Many equatorial people moved to manage the many shops that were built there.

The ocean world was a big success, even natives of the island of Okinawa praised its authenticity to the original. Having multiple worlds in the sky only added to the beauty. Thanks to the powerful magnetic field, aurora could be seen at any time all over the world.


Okinawa is considered to be just another Yamato province and as such has a vote in the imperial senate. There are not many large population centers on the floating islands, and the technology on the surface is largely considered primitive by galactic standards. It is one of the major exporters of traditional Japanese seafood.

the current population is 10.8 million, all of Japanese ancestry.


The world was originally a lifeless water world but when terraforming was completed a plethora of many oxygen replenishing lifeforms inhabited the worldwide ocean as did many species of fish, crab, and other local Japanese seafood.

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