The galaxy as seen from about 19,000 light years away.

Oltrana is a large, irregular-shaped galaxy, located about 1.8 billion light years away from Earth. It is home to over 2 billion stars and dozens of star clusters and nebulae. Billions of years ago, it was part of a much larger galaxy that merged with another galaxy, ejecting stars, gas and dust into intergalactic space, eventually coming together under gravity's influence. Although its blue-ish light suggests massive stars are rapidly forming, it is home to an advanced civilisation, the Ealigs, just as old as the galaxy itself.

It is located within the Ydraan Cluster, a group of irregular and elliptical galaxies. Several billions of years from now, the galactic cluster will merge into one massive galaxy.

The Ealigs, a cyborg species, hiding within the galaxy remain isolated to the rest of the observable Universe. They are more than capable to win an intergalactic conflict, but their fear of inter-universal civilisations keeps them secluded to their own galaxy. 

Previously, the Ealigs resided inside the original galaxy billions of years ago until the merger event that created their current home. 

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