Omega Prime with Barnard's Loop and the Orion Nebula in the background.

Omega Prime (HIP 23437 / HD 32778 in beta patch 5) is a human-only colony located 72.5 light years from Earth. It is a temperate E-Class planet in orbit around G5 V type star at a distance of 0.73 AU, perfectly placed within the habitable zone of its star.

There is an entire biosphere of about a million species of plants and animals. More than half of them exist in the planet-wide ocean.


Omega Prime was first discovered in 2074 and within a week, it was one of the most ideal targets for the InterStellar Search for Aliens Program. It was first visited by the ISSAP probe (equiped with a Warp Drive) in June 2075 and sent back the first images of the planet from just a few thousand kilometers away from the Earth-like planet.


A sunset on Omega Prime in the northern hemisphere at snowy mountain tops.

In 2086, the first manned mission began. By early 2087, the spaceship had reached Omega Prime and colonized it for the first time. Colonization of the planet had begun with a tiny population of twenty. By 2100, the population had reached a thousand.

Between 2105 and 2108, Omega Prime was one of the targets of the Vaylek terrorist attacks. Among all of them, the 2107 Attack was the most destructive of them all. Focusing their attack on the northern hemisphere continent, 2,000 buildings were destroyed.


 The environment on Omega Prime is similar to the Earth. With an average temperature of 6.2 degrees celsius, life on Omega Prime is very Earth-like. However, with a gravity of 0.54 g, animals have thinner legs and appear taller. The tallest trees tower into the sky of about 250 meters and the smallest plant is 1.5 cm tall. The atmosphere has a pressure of 0.85.

Analysis of life on the planet indicates that the life must have been genetically modified by another civilization. Most scientists believe the creators of life on Omega Prime is the First Civilization.

Ancient Civilization: Omegians

The Omegians were an acient civilization that are believed to existed 120 million years ago, during the Earth's Cretaceous period. It is believed these creatures were always an early-Type II civilization but had never made it to a Type III civilization. Their civilization lasted for 14,000 years until they were destroyed in a war with another civilization. Most scientists believe this other civilization was the First Civilization

Omegians had developed technologies like Warp Drives but never constructed Wormhole Drives. It is believed that they colonized a radius of up to 20 light years.

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