Onaud is the homeworld of DELYATU and Vlanoans and is located in the Tloinin Galaxy. The code for it is RS 0-8-2097151-953-21-8-15073272-1177 B3. 


Name Origin

The planet is named after the traditional Vlanoan goddess, Onaud (the goddess of reality). The planet is tidally locked to its Star, Vlano (named after the god of the sun).


The planet is a warm terra with an orbital period of 17 days. It orbits a small red dwarf star. The planet has a colossal eternal storm on its face because of its tidally locked nature.


This planet came under the control of DELYATU in 89000 when the artificial intelligence was created. DELYATU has fundamentally altered the planet in many ways, including optimizing Oxygen content for the Vlanoans, homogenizing the temperature on the dark side, and even stabilizing the ecosystem of the planet. DELYATU has deep compassion and pity for sapient life, and has done everything in its power to rescue it from itself. DELYATU believes that they are unfit to rule themselves, and need a "shepherd" to guide them.

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