Onaud (RS 0-7-486822-2277-342-8-12699915-53 5) is the capital of the Vlanoan Intergalactic Republic as well as the home world of the Vlanoans. It is a warm super-earth tidally locked to it's star, Vlano. Like many capital planets, it is densely covered in infrastructure used to govern the large empire, although most of the infrastructure orbits the planet rather than being directly situated on it. The planet is located in the Tloinin Galaxy

The planet is the home planet of DELYATU, an artificial super-intelligence which acts as the head of state of the VIR. The planet once host the majority of this AI's servers, but most of these have since been moved off world. Another AI, however, named TRIND II resides on servers on this planet. TRIND II is the current head of state for the VIR, as DELYATU is currently inactive.  

The planet is named for the Vlanoan goddess of reality, Onaud. In the legends, the goddess was cast down from heaven for angering what is known as an "entity." This goddess landed in the sea and became the land. Of course, it is know known to have formed from a proto-planetary disc some 8.6 billion yeas ago. Life emerged on the planet 4.1 billion years ago.


The high green house effect of the planet allows for the entire surface to allow for the existence of liquid water. With the temperature of over 170 degrees Celsius, the high atmospheric pressure of the planet maintains the liquid state of the water.

The planet has a global continent simply named "Onaud." Regions of Onaud include a dessert named "Pola," a large island named "Kuris," fertile lands called the "Arpawtha," and the dark side of the continent called "Vilo." The areas on the light side of the planet are fairly standard for life bearing worlds, it is the dark side of the planet which is interesting.

While it is certainly not rare for tidally locked worlds to have little ice on the dark side, the large amount of biomass on the dark side is unusual. Large fungus-like organisms dot the dark side, they evolved a clever way to capture energy via heat-transfer to cooler, underground areas. They mostly entrap living things that stray too close for the precious nutrients all too rare on the dark side of this world.

Even before the existence of the Vlanoans, one could have mistaken Onaud as a planet harboring an advanced civilization. This is because of the large amount of bio-luminescence on the dark side. Much like on earth, when life came to these dark places, instead of the majority of species losing their eyesight, they started to glow. Tree-like organisms created glowing fruits to attract animals, flowers glowed to attract pollinators, and animals glowed to communicate.

The Surface of Onaud. It is a blend of the natural ecosystem as well as the advanced cities on it.

Many animals even navigated using the auroras or magnetic field of the planet. Vlanoans trekking into the dark land, Vilo, confused the native life with their fire, and later, artificial light sources. To this day, the dark side remains mostly uninhabited, now more to protect the life there, but originally because of the hostile conditions in this area.


For an intelligent species, the bipedal, organic Vlanoans are fairly standard. They took three hundred twenty thousand years to become a Kardeshev I civilization. Around the same time as them becoming a Kardeshev I civilization, a dispute broke out between it and a colony world called Algrund. This war ended with the Onaud created a precursor AI to DELYATU named TRIND. This AI quickly seized the assets of both sides and then decided that ruling the Vlanoans would do better to end the war than allowing them to have their weapons back.

Later on, DELYATU came to be out of TRIND. The benevolent AI guided the Vlanoans to the stars, at the cost of their freedom. The planet would continue existed mostly as it had after the creation of DELYATU to maintain the life on its surface. As a species meant to live in perpetual sunlight, the Vlanoans found themselves ill-adapted for the majority of worlds. Regardless, they spread out into the Tloinin galaxy and many other galaxies beyond.

Currently, the planet is home to ten trillion Vlanoans and an assortment of other races from all around the Vlanoan Intergalactic Republic. Its status as the home-planet of the founding species of the VIR as well as the interesting life on the planet make it quite a popular tourist destination.

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