The Oneru are a crab-like species from Ubeleth in the NGC 4725 galaxy and are apart of the Cooperative Triple Alliance.


The Oneru resemble crustaceans. They have three eyestalks, large pincer-like hands, six legs and a beak-like mouth.

Oneru have two hearts, making them quite energetic due to twice the blood pumping. Because of this, they only require actual sleep every 96 hours though they can go longer. This also allows them to run at a fast speeds for long periods of time, faster than any baseline Human, a trait that has been with them since their primitive days.

The acid in their stomachs is more corrosive than that of a Human's, allowing for them to take in a much higher quantity of food.

Most Oneru are naturally carnivorous and mainly subsist on small molluscan creatures found in Ubeleth's landlocked seas. A select few however, have turned towards a more vegan lifestyle as some fruits from Telyra pose quite an appetite to Oneru living there. Some of them have even been transported to Ubeleth for its vegan and omnivorous locals to enjoy.


The Oneru tend to be quite strict and stubborn so their culture can best be described as uniform or even "monotonous" and by some. A single emperor rules their planet who resides in the capital city and for this reason, no individual countries or separate Oneru cultures exist on Ubeleth.

All Oneru are considered equal to each other and any crimes committed in their society are often met with severe punishment, though crime is rare on Ubeleth.


The Oneru's history certainly hasn't been an easy one to say the best. Below is a basic history of their race:

The Oneru evolved from crustaceous predators, inhabiting the Niovu Sea until coming onto land to around 1.2 million years ago. Their ancestors would traverse along the plains, usually at high speeds to search/catch prey or migrate to another area.

Because of how fast they were, many land dwelling species slowly went extinct over millennia, unbeknownst to the Oneru. This would eventually start what was called "The Great Starvation" when translated, that happened 5000 years ago. Luckily the Oneru realized this and held back to let the remaining animal life repopulate. During this time, they had resroted to feeding on a molluscan species which continues to be a delicacy to this day.

The Oneru have naturally been a violent species and many wars have been fought between them throughout history to the point where it was common to see a group of them fight out in the deserts. They eventually reached a more peaceful point where technological advancement became the main focus.

Unfortunately, empires across Ubeleth started to become competetive, attacking each other and soon Ubeleth began to descend into chaos. With tensions rising, a large group of Oneru hollowed out one of Ubeleth's asteroid moons and converted it into a ship in hopes of finding a new home amongst the stars to restart civilization. After performing high speed gravitational slingshots around Ubeleth, the ship eventually deorbited, and quickly flew off into deep space. The ship was destined for a potential planet they had detected, orbiting a star 19 lightyears away.

A few thousand years later, the drifting asteroid ship entered the new system, however the onboard computer were no longer operational due to the amount of time that passed. The Krin had noticed this asteroid approaching their planet and originally planned to divert it until life signs were detected from it which immediately caught their interest. Having brought the asteroid to Telyra, they were astonished to find alien passengers frozen in stasis.

Cautiously, they unfroze one of the Oneru passengers and went to communicate with them. After about a week they had finally translated what the Oneru were saying and were told the story of why they left there planet. The Krin generously let their alien visitors stay on Telyra while they pinpointed the original system they came from to see if their species were still alive.

After finding the original star these passengers came from, the Krin arrived at Ubeleth in a matter of days and to their suprise, the Oneru seemed to have a bustling civilization on the surface. Having since been rebuilt after the war. Contact with them was easy since the languages had alreay been translated and soon the Oneru and Krin became allies.

With the discovery of the Chukulakans on Cha-roth that followed soon after, the Cooperative Triple Alliance was formed and continues to exist to this day.

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